Seeking Creative Candidates: Hiring for the Future

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This week, the Adobe Education team announced the findings of the study titled Seeking Creative Candidates: Hiring for the Future.

hirestudy1This study involved an online survey with 1,068 US hiring managers in July/August this year.

Some of the findings included …

hirestudy2Seventy eight percent of hiring managers believe creativity is required for economic growth and valuable to society (85%), but only 51% think businesses grasp the importance of creativity.
hirestudy37 in 10 of these managers didn’t think students are prepared for today’s dynamic workplace. Poor communication and the inability to apply skills to a broad set of problems are cited as the top reasons business managers believe students are not prepared to succeed in the workplace of tomorrow.

75% of hiring managers expressed agreement that the job market will change significantly over the next five years, they have identified the following skills as being essential for the future being:
– 88% said being tech-savvy,
– 82% having the ability to communicate through digital and visual media, and
– 76% said creativity was an essential skill for the future.

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