AEL/ACL Boot Camp – NSW


A group of AELs and ACLs hard at work during their boot camp in Sydney.

It was great getting together with the NSW Adobe Education Leaders and (for the first time) some of the NSW Adobe Campus Leaders for the NSW AEL/ACL Boot Camp at the Adobe office in Sydney.

This was a gathering of talented, passionate & inspirational educators, all willing and keen to share their expertise and experience.

It was great to have Lisa McIntosh (Graphic Designer) and Konrad Skirlis (Audio Engineer) sharing their expertise in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Audition. Having these links with industry was appreciated by the AELs & ACLs.


Lisa McIntosh – design expert, teaching about Adobe Illustrator


Konrad Skirlis, sharing his skills with Adobe Audition

One of the activities was to spend about 45 minutes building a reflection presentation on the day using one of Adobe’s new touch apps. Below are some links to Adobe Voice & Slate resources shared by some of the AELs/ACLs.


A Voice about the boot camp event by Grant & Konrad


A voice about why teachers should join the Adobe Campus Leader program by Pip Cleaves


A Slate about the day by Megan Townes


A Slate about the day by Gary & Henrietta


A Slate about Adobe Slate by Henrietta


A Slate about why teachers should apply to be an Adobe Campus Leader


Great dinner together in Darling Harbour