TAFE NSW Conference

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On Friday September 11, I had the pleasure of presenting to about 200 NSW TAFE Teachers their Engage 2015 conference in Wollongong on .


This event focused on developing and delivering quality flexible and personalised online learning for Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education. I enjoyed sharing the stage with Professor Mike Keppell, Pro-Vice Chancellor Learning Transformations at Swinburne University.


Professor Keppell defined personalised learning as …the knowledge, skills and attitude that enable learning and act as a catalyst to empower the learner to continue to learn. He outlined how modern technology is such an enabler for personalised learning.

I was able to provide some examples of how technology can be used to enhance creativity in the learning and teaching process with a particular focus on Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter.

There was also a lot of interest in the Adobe Education Exchange as a resources for sharing ideas and professional learning.

Adobe Voice at Bentleigh West PS – Melbourne


Victorian Teacher (and Adobe Education Leader) Joel Aarons, organised a two day ICT conference for all the Year 6 students at Bentleigh West Primary School last Tuesday 8th September, 2015.

Joel asked me to run a keynote presentation to the whole group to start the event based on new technologies and how we communicate in the 21st century.


I then ran a series of video workshops based on using Adobe Voice to make stories about what makes the students happy.


The students started by brainstorming all the things that make them happy.




They produced some great videos and obviously enjoyed the experience.


Digital Portfolios made easy with Acrobat Pro


On Thursday the 3rd September 2015, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College in Braybrook (Melbourne)  hosted another in a series of Adobe in Education sessions in association with Digital Learning & Teaching Victoria. The focus of this professional development session was the use of Adobe Acrobat Pro to make digital portfolios.


Before exploring the portfolio builder within Acrobat Pro, we discussed if the term digital portfolio or ePortfoilio is still relevant. I suggested that digital solutions to these types of publications should be the norm these days so why do we need to focus on the word digital and add an ‘e’ to the word portfolio. Surly we can just use the term ‘portfolio’ and assume that digital technology will be involved?

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.47.36 am

It is a bit like the term eLearning which is still common today, as if learning with computers is a different type of learning. I would hope that digital technology has immersed itself into the learning and teaching process these days sufficiently enough so we can drop the ‘e’ from elearning and just call it ‘learning’.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.48.46 am

We looked at four different types of portfolios …


A reflective portfolio is used to consider what was learned, how concepts were learned and what could be improved in future learning experiences.

A portfolio for demonstrating learning is aimed at a collection of artifacts and commentary that explains and displays what has been learned in a specific unit of work, subject or experience.

A portfolio focused on development aims to support decisions about future learning.

An assessment portfolio is aimed at providing evidence of learning.

More info on this and the slide resources shared during this session can be found via the following Adobe Education Exchange resource:



The process of building a portfolio in Acrobat Pro is a simple as:

File > Create > PDF Portfilio

Then choose your layout, add your files (any format), click Finish and watch your portfolio develop in seconds right before your eyes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 9.01.10 am

So simple, yet so effective.


It was a delight to work with these enthusiastic educators from Melbourne’s west and share with them the power of Adobe Acrobat Pro as a learning and teaching tool.

Special thank you to Adobe Education Leader, Kev Lavery for helping to plan this event.


The final in this series of events with DLTV will be held¬† in Melbourne’s east at Strathcona in Canterbury on November 16 and will be focused on Flipped Learning with Adobe. Click here for for information.

Year 4s at Brookside


Adobe Voice & Adobe Premier Clip were the two apps a group of Year 4’s at Brookside College in Caroline Springs (Melbourne) worked with on Monday 31st August, 2015 during a special ‘Adobe Day’.

The morning was all about encouraging the students to think about what makes them happy. After some brief instructions and planing (Pre-Production) each student worked with a partner to build an Adobe Voice video outlining the top 5 things that make them happy.


Brainstorming about what makes the students happy.


Building the voice overs and images for each slide on Adobe Voice.

The afternoon was all about video editing with Adobe Premier Clip. The students were taught a process for producing a quality news story then worked in a group (Production Crew) to plan, script, film and edit their own news story relating to the school.


This production crew made a story about Adobe’s visit to their school.

Special thank you to Aaron Davis and the staff at Brookside College for organising this day of creativity.