Adobe & Surf Cost Secondary College


It was a sensational sunrise over the surf coast of Torquay in Victoria that greeted me before enjoying a day with students and teacher at Surf Coast Secondary College.


The day was based around three 90min sessions with all the Year 7, 8 & 9 students. Being an iPad school, the main focus of each session was to introduce them to a range of Adobe’s touch apps with a focus on Adobe Voice, Slate, Post and Clip.



I was impressed with what many of the students were able to produce in such a short time frame.

After school, I ran a professional learning session for Surf Coast teachers and range of other teachers from the region based on the new Digital Technologies Curriculum and Flipped Learning.

Surf Coast Secondary College was one of the fist Victorian Government schools to purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud for their students. Last year, I enjoyed working with some of their senior students, introducing them to their new creativity tools.

2015 visit to Surf Coast SC


Special thank you Assistant Principal Erin Weightman for organising this Adobe Day for the students and staff.

I’m looking forward to hearing about the continued creative achievements from these talented Surf Coast Secondary College students.