Ben Forta at Roseville College

On Tuesday 11th May, Ben Forta (Adobe’s Senior Director, Education Initiatives) and I visited Roseville College in Sydney to work with a number of Roseville students and staff in the morning, and some visitors in the afternoon.


Ben enjoyed sharing the features of ProjectM (the browser version of Adobe Voice, Slate & Post) to the Year 6 students and seeing what the girls were able to create. ProjectM is still in beta mode but available to try via


At one stage, one of the girls discovered a bug in the program (not unusual with beta software). Ben immediately looked at his watch, worked out that the product team in Seattle would still be in the Adobe office and emailed them. Five minutes later, the bug was fixed. The student was so pleased that she was able to help develop this amazing software.

Here are some images of the Year 6s in action …

Ben went on to work with some senior students and staff while I had the pleasure of working with the Year 2s and 3s, introducing them to Adobe Clip.

Later in the afternoon, a number of teachers and students form around Sydney joined us at Roseville for a special Adobe Education event with Ben. A highlight was a showcase of some of the great Adobe related work being done at Roseville.

Ben Forta at Hilltop Road PS

Ben Forta (Adobe’s Senior Director, Education Initiatives) began a busy week of Australian engagements immediately after stepping off his long flight from his home state of Michigan, USA on Tuesday 10th May.


His first engagement was at the wonderful Hilltop Road Public School in the west of Sydney. Principal Mrs Natalie See gave Ben & me a warm welcome and was delighted to also welcome a number of visiting students and teachers from nearby schools.


Ben has one of the best jobs at Adobe. He works with the Next Generation Product teams and has the fabulous task of traveling the world and sharing new product ideas with students and teachers to get their opinions on how they can be used to enhance learning and teaching.


Project M is the code name of what will be the browser version of Adobe Slate, Voice & Post. Currently in beta, but available to try via …


Here are a couple of image collages tweeted by Mrs See (@see_natalie) soon after the event …



After Ben’s keynote address, the students were broken into three workshop groups led by Ben, Bret Kent (Adobe Education Leader & Year 6 Teacher at Hilltop Rd) and me. Ben showed his group Project M. Brett ran a workshop on Adobe Post and I ran a session on Adobe Clip.


It was lovely to introduce Ben Forta to members of the Australian Education Leadership Community – Brett Kent (left) & Rita Maroun (right)