Fun with Photoshop @ Forest Lake


Forest Lake State High School is a fabulous school located about 30min out of Brisbane and I enjoyed spending yesterday with wonderful group of students to help them further develop their digital literacy skills.

We started the day with a quiz about Adobe as a company and how the nearly 100 Adobe applications and services are used in education and a wide range of industries.


The focus for the day was enhancing images with Adobe Photoshop and the students mastered a number of skills such as:

  • making 3D banners
  • content aware fill
  • clone stamp tool
  • perspective warp tool
  • puppet warp tool
  • the liquify filter and lots more

Special thank you to Alison Hirini, MJ Raatz and the staff of Forest Lake State High School for helping to put this event together and giving their students an opportunity to enhance their 21st century creativity & digital literacy skills.