EduTech Asia – Singapore


Adobe was a proud sponsor of EduTech Asia which was held over three days last week in Singapore.


About 3,000 educators from the Asia Pacific region were involved with a wide range of presentations and workshops throughout the conference.

The Adobe Education team were kept busy with a number of engagements involving educators and education administrators from K12 & Higher Ed throughout the region.


A key theme of our presentations was the rise in the importance of creativity as a 21st-century skill. According to the recent World Economic Forum – Future of Jobs Report, creativity as a required skill has risen from the 10th most important in 2015 to a prediction of third most important by 2020.


So, if skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity are rapidly moving up the list in importance, how are schools and universities accommodating for this? Are we as educators providing as many opportunities as possible, in all curriculum areas, for our students to solve real world problems, think critically and be creative? Or are we still bound by the traditional teacher-centered mindset where students are forced to be compliant to a set of rules and be squeezed through a system of standardised tests and passive learning opportunities that have little to no relevance to the real world?

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The Mission of Adobe in Education Develop students as lifelong creators by inspiring and empowering the right educator with the right experience at the right time & place. We believe we have the world’s best creativity software and we love providing opportunities for students and teachers to use our software to help enhance digital creativity skills.