Adobe Max – Pre-Conferences for Educators


Almost 20%  of the 14,000 participants from 60 countries who attended the Adobe Max conference in LA this year were involved with education or training. Many of them attended one of the two education pre-conference events EduMax & Educators Day.

I managed to get to both events and produced the following two videos with the help of Adobe Customer Success Manager Jerry Wong …


Victoria – Have a Voice Showcase


Fourteen schools from the Victorian Department of Education registered to be involved in the 2018 Victorian Have a Voice project. Most of those schools produced videos for the Showcase event at the main ACMI Cinema on Tuesday October 23.


The aim of this program is to provide Victorian students in Years 4 to 9 with an opportunity to collaborate, and have a voice (through video or animation) about something that is important to them and enhance their 21st century communication and creative problem solving skills.

The Have a Voice task was to work as a group (minimum of two) to produce a short G-rated video story (maximum of two minutes) or animation (maximum of one minute) about a topic or issue that is important to the group.

See the videos that were featured at the 2018 Showcase below …

Topics that the students chose this year included:

  • War
  • The Environment
  • Conservation
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gender Equality
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Sportsmanship
  • Drug use

The schools who ended up showcasing their work this week were …


Brooke McNamara (Acting Manager, Vic DET Learning and Teaching Branch) gave the official welcome to nearly  150 students and teachers who came to the showcase.


It was my pleasure to MC the event and interview representatives from each school about the work they produced and what they learned from the experience.



Each school received a certificate for their efforts and also a copy of the new Adobe Spark book – 40 Ways to Inject Creativity into Your Classroom with Adobe Spark that only came out last week.



During the Showcase, we did a live demo of Adobe’s new multi-platform video editing app  Adobe Premiere Rush and made a short film featuring still & moving images of the students.

Stay tuned for the video about this event, soon to come to CreateEdu TV


Student videos …

Ashby Primary School

Blackburn High School

Camberwell High School

Malvern Valley Primary School

Northern Bay College

Rowellyn Park Primary

Silverton Primary School

Warringa Park School

Adobe Max 2018 – Adobe’s CEO focuses on education


Adobe’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Shantanu Narayen officially welcomed 14,000 attendees (as well as thousands more watching live online) to the 2018 Adobe Max conference at the Los Angeles Convention Centre in California, USA.

Shantanu began his keynote address by sharing that one of the pleasures and privileges of his job is meeting creative professionals and students in all parts of the world and how incredibly moving it is to see the passion they pour into their work. He said it fills him with pride to hear about the role Adobe plays helping to bring their ideas to life.


On a visit to India earlier this year, Shantanu reflected on his own schooling experience and how the importance of education was always instilled in him. He said that basic education resources were often limited and, at best, the curriculum stopped with reading, writing and arrhythmic. Shantanu shared that he really believes that students today who don’t have access to educational resources, especially technology and digital literacy skills will be disadvantaged for the rest of their lives. He reflected that it is a passion of his (and everyone at Adobe) to extend beyond the creative professional and to make Adobe’s creative tools more accessible to more people.


Shantanu said that all disciplines of education can be dramatically improved when they move beyond a test bases assessment to include pictures, video, animation and graphics. He said that Adobe Spark was introduced to address that basic need.


He also said that he was thrilled to earlier this year to announce a partnership with the India ministry of skill development to enable more than a million students to have access to Adobe Spark. From his point of view, a million people addressed in India, billions more to go all around the world


It’s that spirit of creativity, bringing ideas to life and telling stories through technology that lives in not just creative professionals but everywhere, photographers, film makers, designers, illustrators and artists.

You can see the recording of Shantanu Narayen’s keynote and the rest of the first day of Adobe Max day via –

Make sure you check out the amazing new Adobe Premiere Rush multi platform video editing tool now of the Creative Cloud as well as on iOS.


Also check out Project Gemini all in one drawing & painting tool for the iPad  (to be released next year)




Some new Adobe Spark features


Have you noticed the following new tools within the Adobe Spark apps?

Adobe Spark Page now has a Present tool, allowing Spark Pages documents to be displayed like a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation.


There is also a new Print option allowing Spark Pages to be saved and printed as a PDF. This seem to work best with the Google Chrome browser.

Also note that when you a sharing a Spark Page, Video or Post, you can now link directly to a Google Classroom account


Keep up to date with Adobe Spark in Education via –

ACCE Post Conference Adobe Event


To cap off an exciting week for Adobe in Education, on Friday 5th October about 16 participants from the 2018 ACCE Conference chose to take part in the Adobe Masterclass Post-Conference event at the Adobe Sydney office.

Craig Daalmeijer-Power (Adobe Canopus Leader) from TAFE NSW and Rob Hurley (Adobe Campus Leader) from Ballarat Grammar helped me run this event.

Craig, Rob and I ran a series of workshop electives based on the needs and wants of the participants. We covered a wide range of Adobe related topics such as …

  • Photoshop tips & tricks for teachers
  • Real time animation with Adobe Character Animator
  • Working with the free Adobe Spark tools
  • Publication with Adobe InDesign
  • Simple animation with Adobe Animate
  • Multimodal Text with Adobe Spark
  • Video production with Adobe Premiere Pro (Beginners and Advanced sessions)


Adobe @ the ACCE Conference, 2018


The Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney was the venue for the 2018 Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) Conference in Sydney on October 2-5. Adobe was proud to be an affiliate partner for this event and we invited participants from the Adobe Education Summit to be join in.


The ACCE Conference happens every two years in Australia and is hosted by one the state based ICT in Education groups. This year, it was hosted by ICTENSW.

The opening keynote presenter this year was Professor Tim Bell from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch New Zealand.


Professor Bell is well known for his Computer Science Unplugged programme which has been very popular among international mathematics and computer science educators since it was launched in the early 1990s.


Brett Salakas from MLC (Sydney) & Zeina Chalich also keynoted the topic Power up your PLN, sharing the value of the #aussieED network via Twitter


Adobe had a dedicated workshop/presentation space for the conference. Chris Woldhuis (Adobe Education Leader) and Assistant Principal at Northern Beaches Christian School ran a session about multi-camera editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Max Schleser (Adobe Education Leader) and lecturer at Swinburne University ran a session about virtual reality & 360 video with Adobe Premiere Pro.


Ross Johnson (Adobe Education Leader) and NSW DoE teacher, presented about doing assessment with Adobe Acrobat DC titled Maximise your feedback with Acrobat.

Clara Galan & I were given the opportunity to do one of the closing keynotes which we titled – Preparing students for the automated workplace



The next day, Brett Kent (Adobe Education Leader and NSW DoE teacher) and I ran a series of workshops including …

  • Making Photoshop puppets come alive with Adobe Character Animator
  • Make digital posters and turn them into simple videos with the free Adobe Spark Apps
  • Digital portfolios with Adobe Spark Page and Spark Video
  • Teaching mathematics through animation with Adobe Animate


All my resources for the ACCE Conference can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –


APAC Adobe Education Summit, 2018


The APAC Adobe Education Summit is one of three major worldwide events run by Adobe to support the work of their Adobe Education Leaders (AELs) and Adobe Campus Leaders (ACLs) around the world.

Check the recordings of the Creative Catalyst Talks from this event.

This year’s APAC summit was held on October 1 & 2 at the Adobe office in Sydney. It began with a delightful opening reception dinner event featuring a whisky tasting & history lesson from whisky chieftain Juliette Bentley.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next morning saw the start of a big day of learning activities and fun which began with presentation from the Global Adobe in Education team. Clara Galan flew in from San Francisco to be with us and Tacy Trowbridge and Matt Niemitz joined us live from the US.

Click here to see Clara’s presentation – Adobe Education Programs overview

Click here to see Tacy’s presentation – Adobe Edu Worldwide Overview

Click here to see Matt’s presentation – Adobe Education Exchange Update

Creative Catalyst Talks

We then enjoyed a series of outstanding short Creative Catalyst Talks about a wide range of education topics.

Max Schleser, Adobe Education Leader from Swinburne University in Melbourne presented the topic Cinematic VR & 360˚ video production.


Craig Daalmeijer-Power, Adobe Campus Leader from TAFE NSW presented the topic Drones, AR, VR, AI, What’s Next?


Sjaani van den Berg, Adobe Education Trainer presented Buzz Words, are we teaching to these standards?


Heath Henwood, Adobe Campus Leader from Rockhampton, QLD presented Transforming students through connecting technology and relationships


Brett Kent, Adobe Education Leader from the NSW Department of Education presented Education strikes again


Kev Lavery, Adobe Education Leader from TAFE QLD presented Essential Graphics & End Screens


We were very pleased to welcome Seiko Koike, Adobe’s Education Marketing Manager for Japan to this Summit and enjoyed her presentation titled Emerging CPS in Japanese Education


Joel Aarons, Adobe Education Leader from the Victorian Department of Education and Training presented Lessons Learned and Lessons Taught – Media Arts in Primary School


Juliette Bentley, Adobe Campus Leader from Mt St Michael’s College in QLD presented Making Sparks Fly



to be continued …