Creativity at Melbourne Girls College


Fifteen minutes is all that the Year 8 students at Melbourne Girls College had to produce a short video about their passions with the help of Adobe Spark Video.

This was the first time the students had been exposed to the Adobe Spark tools and it was very pleasing to see easy they found the software. With less time needed to learn the tool, it allowed them more time to be creative.


Criteria for the video included the following:

  • Must work with a group of two or three
  • Must include the passions of each member of the group
  • No more than 7sec per slide
  • Must include text, still images, video and voice overs
  • Be creative
  • Be entertaining


The girls chose a wide variety of passions for their very creative video projects.

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Special thank you to Wendy Keen and Catherine Walkear for inviting Adobe to be part of the Year 8 Melbourne Girls College end of year program.