Inject Creativity with Adobe – Sydney


Digital creativity was the focus of the first Inject Creativity into the Classroom with Adobe professional learning event in NSW yesterday at the Adobe Sydney office in Darling Harbour.


NESA endorsed professional learning

Teachers from the NSW Catholic education system, independent schools and government schools worked together to enhance their skills with a range of Adobe applications.

We  started with an overview of how a number of Adobe applications are being used in classrooms all over the globe to enhance creativity then we jumped into a whole group Photoshop & Spark Post activity. This involved taking a selfie, doing some simple manipulation techniques with Photoshop, compressing the image for online use and featuring it in a Spark Post poster.

Then we broke into the following three different workshop groups:

  • Incorporating Adobe software into STEM (with Brett Kent)
  • Design thinking & prototyping with Adobe XD & Photoshop (with Jason Grant)
  • Simple video  production with Premier Rush  & Premiere Pro (with Tim Kitchen)

Brett Kent has been an Adobe Education Leader for many years and is currently on the NSW DoE STEM Share team where he travels to schools all over Sydney sharing how to integrate a range of technologies into STEM programs. During his workshop, he introduced the teachers to a rang of Adobe products with a focus on building virtual reality assets with Premiere Pro.


Jason Grant is one of Adobe’s Solution Consultants and he introduced the teachers to Adobe XD as a tool to apply a design thinking to the production of an app for a phone or tablet. XD is the fastest way to design, prototype and share any user experience, from websites and mobile apps to voice interactions and more.


My workshop introduced the teachers to Adobe’s newest video production tool, Premier Rush. Rush is a very simple to use multi-layered video editing app that is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software and also available on iOS.


In between workshop sessions, the teachers did two Adobe Spark activities. One was to build a Spark video about what they had learned and the other involved creating a Spark Page reflecting on how they could apply what they learned back in their classrooms.


The Inject Creativity into the Classroom events are happening all over Australia throughout 2019 and they are free. Click here to find out more and register.


Digital Creativity at Strathcona


Last Friday 22nd February, Adobe Solution Consultant Brian Chau and I had the pleasure of being involved in a special Adobe Day at Tay Creggan, the Year 9 campus of Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School in Melbourne.

Tay Creggan is a beautiful historic school campus on the Yarra River in Hawthorn.  As mentioned in the school’s website … Built in 1893 as a family home, it quickly became the social hub for fashionable Hawthorn. Strathcona bought Tay Creggan in 1969. The following year it opened as Australia’s first designated campus for Year 9 girls.


This Adobe Day was part of a special program called TC Envision which teaches important entrepreneurial and life ready skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, design capability, intellect, collaboration, communication and resilience.


For this day, three Strathcona teachers as well as Brian and myself ran a series of workshop sessions introducing the the students to arrange of Adobe applications that they can use throughout the year as part of the program and in the future. The applications that the girls were introduced to include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Spark and Premier Rush.


The Envision program is coordinated by Head of Tay Creggan, Karyn Murray and this particular day was organised by Strathcona’s Head of Digital Learning & Innovation – Strathcona Michelle Dennis who is also an Adobe Education Leader.


It was a particular pleasure for me to be involved in this day because Strathcona was where I taught for 13 years prior to starting my job at Adobe. It’s also where my daughter Talana is currently in Year 12 and one of the Deputy School Captains. I wish I had a dollar for every time I was asked if I really was Talana’s father.


During the day, we conducted some video interviews and are currently putting together a case study video about the day and the way Strathcona uses Adobe products. Stay tuned  for this video coming soon to CreateEdu TV.

Special thanks to Karyn, Michelle, Brian and the Year 9 teachers who helped make the day such a success.

Inject Creativity in Melbourne Schools


The Haileybury College City Campus was the venue for one of Adobe’s Inject Creativity into the Curriculum roadshow events this week.

Haileybury is one of the largest independent schools in the Asia-Pacific region with four campuses in Melbourne (Keysborough, Brighton, Berwick, City) as well as one in Darwin (Northern Australia) and Beijing. I have been to most of their campuses but had never been into their Melbourne City site, so I was very pleased when Lauren Sayer (Haileybury’s Director of Digital Learning offered to host this event.


Lauren Sayer – Director of Digital Learning at Haileybury

About 20 teachers registered for this event and a highlight for me was the involvement of Adobe Education Leader Michelle Dennis (from Strathcona), Adobe Campus Leader (ACL) James Rafferty (from The University of Melbourne) and ACL Justin de Lacy (from Woodleigh School Penbank Campus).

Michelle ran a great workshop on Adobe Illustrator and James & Justin conducted a more in-depth look at Adobe After Effects.

We also had a workshop linking Adobe Sketch with the Spark tools.


I would like to thank the Haileybury staff as well as Michelle, James & Justin for helping to make this event a success.


Some of the comments from the feedback included …

Highlights …

  • Learning about products within the suite that I was unfamiliar with and considering their uses. Also, winning a sticker – thanks Tim!!
  • Learning how to use Photoshop
  • New features and techniques, networking
  • Learning free apps and resources and how it can be utilised in the classroom
  • Making a koala out of Russell Crowe 
  • Practical tips from teachers

Other comments

I will start doing the Adobe Exchange courses – very excited about them and the YouTube short inspirational clips too.

The next Inject Creativity roadshow event is next Wednesday afternoon at the Adobe office in Sydney. Click here to find out more.

Adobe Day at Williamstown High – Melbourne


Established as one of Melbourne first public schools, Williamstown High School was the venue for a range of Adobe in Education events this week.

I had the pleasure of working with the Year 12 Media students, focusing on enhancing their video production skills with Premiere Pro. This video captures much of what took place …

I also had the opportunity to work with the Year 11 & 12 VCD (Visual Communication Design) students to develop their Photoshop skills.


VCD is a Year 11 & 12 VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) subject that examines the way visual language can be used to convey ideas, information and messages in the fields of communication, environmental and industrial design.

After school, I conducted a professional learning event a number of Williamstown High teachers as well as some visiting educators.


We focused on Photoshop & Adobe Spark and had teachers from a range of subject areas involved such as humanities, mathematics, science, art, design, media and a primary teacher.

Special thank you to Freya Alexander who helped organise these events for her school.





2019 – a big year of digital creativity


2019 is going to be an exciting year of digital creativity engagements with teachers and students both face to face and online. Here are some of the regions we are planning to do events …


  • Melbourne
  • Rural Victoria
  • Sydney


  • Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Kuala Lumper (Malaysia)
  • Rural NSW
  • Rural Victoria
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne


  • Sydney
  • Rural NSW


  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Hobart
  • Sydney
  • Canberra


  • Gold Coast, QLD
  • Brisbane
  • Rural Victoria
  • Rural NSW
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Sydney


  • Newcastle, NSW
  • San Francisco (USA)


  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne


  • Sydney
  • Melbourne


  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne


  • LA (USA)
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne


  • Melbourne
  • Sydney

And these are the events we know about at this stage.


To get involved, click out the Adobe in Education coming events Spark Page and register.

Also, join in on any of the amazing free online courses we are running throughout the year via the Adobe Education Exchange.`EdEx1

We recently welcomed the 80,000 APAC member of the Adobe Education Exchange and the 25,000 from Australia. Globally, there are now over 600,000 teachers who have joined this great free education resources.

Get involved …