Big Day In – Wagga Wagga, 2019


The 2019 Big Day In season commenced last Wednesday at Charles Sturt University in the rural city of Wagga Wagga in the south of NSW.

Adobe has been supporting the Big Day In for a number of years and I have the honour of keynoting most of the 12 events around Australia each year.


These events are aimed at senior secondary school and university students interested in careers in ICT and technology.  They help students obtain more information about ICT and technology careers.


The theme of my presentations this year is preparing students with the skills to thrive in the future. I challenge the students to look at the above list of skills that have been highlighted by the work of Marc Prensky and establish what they are good at and what they need to work on.


I challenge the teachers attending to consider these skills when setting assessment and learning tasks to help their students prepare for an unknown future.


We look at the top 5 skills to thrive in the future according to the World Economic Forum and note the significance of enhancing creativity skills.


It’s always nice to chat with the students during the breaks at the Adobe stand and show them how Adobe tools can help them enhance their digital creativity skills as well as help brand them to be noticed in the competitive job & course market.




Creativity on the Vic/NSW border


On Thursday, 14 March I had the pleasure of visiting Catholic College Wodonga (CCW)and working with a number of classes during the day and then with a group of educators from around the Riverina region for an Inject Creativity into the Curriculum professional learning event.

Over 30 teachers registered for this event from 10 different school/TAFE/Unis in the region covering towns like, Albury (NSW), Wodonga (Vic), Wangaratta (Vic) and Mt Beauty (Vic).

Looking at the feedback, highlights of this event included …

  • The range of apps presented and multiple uses for them in teaching and learning.
  • Premiere Rush and Character Animator.
  • I gained insight into innovative ways to create content and showcase learning
  • Spark Post and Rush.
  • Having lots of things to take home and further develop my knowledge with Adobe products
  • Using an Adobe App on my phone for the first time.
  • opened a whole new world to me
  • Seeing what is available that students will be able to implement in a variety of contexts.
  • As a complete novice it introduced me to the various tools and apps that I might look into so I can incorporate them into my product and design classes.
  • Great to see products which can be used in the classroom.
  • The spark Apps were great. I will definitely explore these more!
  • Premier Rush was a revelation. Seems much more intuitive. Great that it works with Premiere Pro too.
  • Adobe Rush
  • Learning some of the software I was unfamiliar with. Adobe Rush, Spark Post, Capture and XD.
  • Ease of use for the ‘lite’ versions of apps.
  • Learning about Adobe Rush and XD

Other comments included

  • While this is a great introduction, I realise that I have a lot to learn to get the skills and confidence to use these applications regularly in my classes. The links to the education tutorials will hopefully get me on the journey to learning these exciting tools
  • Wish we’d been able to have the whole day.
  • I really loved some of the explanations around Spark Post Great event.
  • Very happy to have an event in Regional Vic.
  • Thanks Really enjoyed having a walk-through of the apps, giving me confidence to have a go.

Here are image of some of the activities I did with the students during the day focusing on Photoshop, Character Animator, InDesign & Premiere Pro …

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Special thanks you to Melinda Prentice (Teacher & Leader of Emerging Technologies at CCW) and Lisa Mason (Year 10 Learning & Teaching Leader CCW) for making these events possible.


Adobe in Malaysian Universities


About 50 lecturers from universities all over Malaysia traveled to Kuala Lumpur for two days of Adobe creativity last week thanks to Adobe’s Malaysian partner Prestariang.

Having lots of quality time with so many interested educators, created a wonderful opportunity to share the value of many Adobe applications to help engage students and prepare them for this digital age.

We work-shopped a number of techniques within the following applications:

  • Photoshop
  • Spark Post
  • Spark Video
  • Character Animator
  • Premiere Rush
  • Premiere Pro
  • InDesign &
  • Acrobat

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We also looked at some of the research behind the importance of encouraging creativity in education. We discussed how school systems and universities across the globe are revising their curricula with an increasing emphasis on experiential learning, interdisciplinary approaches and an array of literacies to help better prepare their students for the future.


The aim of the event was to help demonstrate how Adobe applications help extend literacy traditions into new contexts, with an emphasis on creative problem solving through writing, speaking, presenting, making & storytelling.


The teachers were encouraged to keep a record of their learning through the development of an ongoing Spark Page.


In the feedback, overall comments about highlights of the workshop included…

  • Using spark to make video as I am teaching biochemistry and genetics. So making a video to explain the difficult concept is useful in my teaching.
  • Super cool! Definitely using all the resources & tips with my students
  • I’m an E-Learning trainer and looking for good softwares for developing E-Contents. Glad that Adobe has got lots of softwares for it. Thank you for the introduction to them.
  • I’ve learned faster way and appropriate tools in doing thing via adobe software especially Photoshop.
  • A splendid and fruitful training program.
  • Tips and tricks will lots of Adobe products.
  • Spark Post and Character Animator are two apps that are extremely wonderful and useful for digital education.
  • Introduction to new features available in latest Photoshop, Premiere. Introduction to Spark, Premiere Rush and a lot of Adobe product for mobile.
  • Really enjoy this workshop. i got new info/features from adobe like Adobe Spark, Behance, Premier Rush CC, also learn about adobe apps which is we can create video and editing using smart phone and of course will share all the tools that i learn today with my students.

Other comments

  • I wish we could have more time.
  • Looking forward for more programs like this. WELL DONE
  • Love it!!!
  • I already join Adobe Education Exchange & follow Dr Tim. Target for this year to get more than 300 points and join the Adobe Campus Leaders Program. Hope can get more info from Adobe. Thanks to Dr Tim Kitchen. You give a lot of info today.
  • Do it again next time
  • Thanks a lot to our instructor and organizers.
  • Dr. Tim Kitchen rocks!

Special thanks to our partners at Prestariang and to Adobe Account Executive for Malaysian Education Sandra Otero for her help and support.


Vocational Teaching & Adobe in Indonesia


Fifty Indonesian Vocation Education Teachers were selected to take part in a special professional learning event on Tuesday March 5. Earlier this year, I ran a webinar with over 200 of these teachers and this was a special follow up face to face activity.


It was a delight to spend an afternoon with these creative educators and provide them with some Adobe magic. The aim was to inspiration them and provide them with ideas to engage their students and help them develop some practical digital creativity skills.

At the end of the event, for some reason, a number of the teachers wanted to get a photo with me. I felt like a celebrity.

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Enhancing digital creativity in Indonesian Universities.


About 40 lecturers representing universities throughout Indonesia joined me for digital creativity workshop/presentation in Jakarta on March 4, 2019 focusing on Adobe apps in education.


Some of the messaging during this session included that today’s students are immersed in a range of digital realms and they want to produce media, not just consume media. It is important that educators acknowledge this and allow their students time to construct their learning in creative ways with a range of  digital technologies.


Students are engaged more in formal education when they are encouraged to work with digital creativity tools. Digital is how thinking and learning are increasingly happening across the whole curriculum.


I showed these lecturers some of the work we are  doing with the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University as they are moving towards using video as an important  part of the assessment process. Click here to see a video about this.


One of the themes we discussed was that traditional education systems are not designed to enhance creativity. Students are rewarded for memorising facts for a test, not for imagination, creativity, resourcefulness, collaboration & problem solving.


I suggested that one of the reasons we have to think differently about education is that the world our students are living in is so different from the one that most educators grew up in yet many are still teaching the way they were taught and most likely the same way their teachers were taught.


Sharing some of the practical solutions available via the Adobe Creative Cloud is always a pleasure. I never cease to enjoy seeing the delight in the faces of educator as they discover the joys and educational potential within the Adobe apps.

It was great working with Adobe Account Executive Greg Sisk our Indonesian partners on this event.


Digital creativity at Indonesian International Schools


The first of a series of events throughout Indonesia & Malaysia happened on the morning of Monday March 4 in Jarkarta, Indonesia.

Indonesia’s Association of National and Private Schools (ANPS) invited Adobe to present to representatives from a wide range of International & Independent schools throughout their country with a focus on how Adobe’s creativity software can help enhance digital literacy and creativity skills .


I was asked to run a 3hr workshop/presentation and enjoyed watching these educators and administrators warm to a wide range of Adobe applications, especially Adobe Spark.

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It was delightful to get such an enthusiastic response from this group of teachers who are now tasked to share what they learned to the teachers and students back at their schools.



TAFE NSW Creative and Design Ideation SkillsPoint


On Friday March 1, a team from Adobe Education helped TAFE NSW launch their 2019  Creative and Design Ideation SkillsPoint week of activities in Parramatta.


I had the pleasure of sharing  some of the new technologies that have recently been developed by Adobe as well as resources such as the Adobe Education Exchange to an audience of NSW TAFE teachers & students.


It was also great to be invited to be part of a panel of experts from a range of industries such as music, fashion and art for an interesting discussion about the importance of  creativity in today’s society.


One of the panelists was Steve Bull who is a TAFE NSW SkillsPoint Industry Relationship Lead for Creative and Design Ideation. Steve has had a wealth of experience in the music industry as the bass player for the Aussie rock band Icehouse.

Here are some other images from this event …

This was the beginning of a week of activities which included some Adobe workshop sessions from our NSW based solution consultants.

Special thank you to Sandi Lucock, Industry Relationship Lead, Creative and Design Ideation SkillsPoint, for inviting us to take part in this launch.