Creativity on the Vic/NSW border


On Thursday, 14 March I had the pleasure of visiting Catholic College Wodonga (CCW)and working with a number of classes during the day and then with a group of educators from around the Riverina region for an Inject Creativity into the Curriculum professional learning event.

Over 30 teachers registered for this event from 10 different school/TAFE/Unis in the region covering towns like, Albury (NSW), Wodonga (Vic), Wangaratta (Vic) and Mt Beauty (Vic).

Looking at the feedback, highlights of this event included …

  • The range of apps presented and multiple uses for them in teaching and learning.
  • Premiere Rush and Character Animator.
  • I gained insight into innovative ways to create content and showcase learning
  • Spark Post and Rush.
  • Having lots of things to take home and further develop my knowledge with Adobe products
  • Using an Adobe App on my phone for the first time.
  • opened a whole new world to me
  • Seeing what is available that students will be able to implement in a variety of contexts.
  • As a complete novice it introduced me to the various tools and apps that I might look into so I can incorporate them into my product and design classes.
  • Great to see products which can be used in the classroom.
  • The spark Apps were great. I will definitely explore these more!
  • Premier Rush was a revelation. Seems much more intuitive. Great that it works with Premiere Pro too.
  • Adobe Rush
  • Learning some of the software I was unfamiliar with. Adobe Rush, Spark Post, Capture and XD.
  • Ease of use for the ‘lite’ versions of apps.
  • Learning about Adobe Rush and XD

Other comments included

  • While this is a great introduction, I realise that I have a lot to learn to get the skills and confidence to use these applications regularly in my classes. The links to the education tutorials will hopefully get me on the journey to learning these exciting tools
  • Wish we’d been able to have the whole day.
  • I really loved some of the explanations around Spark Post Great event.
  • Very happy to have an event in Regional Vic.
  • Thanks Really enjoyed having a walk-through of the apps, giving me confidence to have a go.

Here are image of some of the activities I did with the students during the day focusing on Photoshop, Character Animator, InDesign & Premiere Pro …

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Special thanks you to Melinda Prentice (Teacher & Leader of Emerging Technologies at CCW) and Lisa Mason (Year 10 Learning & Teaching Leader CCW) for making these events possible.