ATOM – Youth Media Festival Workshop


On Friday June 21, Adobe Education Leader (and Swinburne University lecturer) Max Schleser ran a special 360 video editing workshop/presentation at the ATOM Youth Media Festival event at RMIT in Melbourne.


ATOM stands for Australian Teachers of Media and Adobe is partnering with ATOM for a number of events in 2019.


Adobe Premiere Pro is  a very popular choice of software for 360 video editing & virtual reality  production. Click here to find out more.



Big Day In – Adelaide


The last of the 2019 Big Day In events across Australia happened at The University of Adelaide on Thursday  June 20. About 400 students from across South Australia gained insights about a possible career in IT from the following presenters …

  • Professor Katrina Falkner, Deputy Dean, Students for ECMS
  • Anna Hodge, Rising Sun Pictures
  • Mike Gardiner, Buzzy Games
  • Dennis Prior, Department of Human Services
  • Andy Kempson, Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency
  • Hugh Rutherford, IBM
  • Matt Larwood, AXIOS
  • Corporal Belinda Franks, Defence Force Recruiting
  • Me


Special thank you to John Ridge AO and Kerrie Bisaro for all  the work that have done this year to make the Big Day In events such  a success.

Here are links to all my Big Day In posts for 2019




Big Day In – Melbourne


It was great to be involved in the Big Day In event in my home city, Melbourne on Wednesday June 19 with about 400 secondary students from a wide range of schools.


The Big Day In events are all about encouraging secondary students to consider a career in IT. This event involved the following presenters …

  • Lieutenant Scott Mansell from Defence Force Recruiting
  • Monisha Viswanathan & Stephanie Duggan – Agilent Technologies
  • Dennis Prior, Department of Human Services
  • Matthew Rockell, STEM & Scholarships Manager, Group Technology, Westpac 
  • Greg Booker, RACQ
  • Calvin Davidson, Microsoft and
  • Me

With so many great presentations from such a variety of people and organisations, the students had a wealth of content to decipher.

It is always such a pleasure and a privileged to share  my passions around developing 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

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Next (& final Big Day In event for 2019) is in Adelaide.

RMIT Adobe XD Awards 2019


Congratulations to the winners of the RMIT Adobe XD Awards for 2019. It was a pleasure to meet a number of these talented students and their teachers at this special awards night held on Monday June 17.


A teacher recently told me that Adobe XD is the ultimate design thinking tool. It is an app that helps design apps and website. It is also a prototyping and sharing tool.

These awards help to celebrate the gext Generation of creatives and designers. The event showcased arranger RMIT’s UX students from the School of design who presented their UX prototypes to a range of industry leaders including a significant team from Adobe.

These awards are part of Adobe and RMIT is ongoing partnership that aims two armed students with the skills required To succeed in today’s digital workforce. This partnership is committed to delivering relevant education that meets the needs of the industry whilst preparing graduates for the future of life at work.

Industry leader Rakesh Rachamalla, Executive Design Director of AKQA gave an insightful keynote address and encouraged the students to maintain their passion for design.



Injecting creativity in Geelong


The BioLab in Geelong, Victoria was the venue for an Inject Creativity into the Curriculum with Adobe event on 13th June.

It was lovely to work with a number of teachers from the Victorian Department of Education and Independent Schools Victoria showing the ins and out of Adobe Spark and seeing what they created.

Most importantly, it was great to hear about the creative ideas these teachers had to use Spark to inject creativity into their curriculum.

Feedback comments …

  • I had such a fun time, I reckon it was the most enjoyable PD I ever attended.
  • A highlight was being able to learn by using the adobe apps.
  • A very interesting session
  • A highlight was hands on development of media within the session.
  • It was really fun thank you 🙂
  • Overall, learnt heaps that I can use in my work.

My resources can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –



Adobe @ EduTECH 2019


Adobe was back at EduTECH this year sponsoring one of  the largest education conferences in the southern hemisphere on June 6 & 7.


An estimated 10,000 educators and trainers from a wide range of sectors took part in this event which was held at Sydney’s International Convention Centre.

One of the highlights was seeing Sir Ken Robinson return to Australia to share his insights into how education should be placing more of an emphasis on creativity. Stay tuned for a special journal post I’m building based on Sir Ken’s messaging at this event.

I had the pleasure of running three x 30min repeated sessions highlighting how the use of Adobe applications help to engage students and enhances the learning & teaching experience. It was great to have over 150 teachers pack into each of these  sessions titled Digital Creativity throughout the curriculum with Adobe.


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The Adobe booth, in the main expo area, was a hive of active throughout both days of the event.

A constant stream of Adobe product demos were on show throughout the conference by Adobe Solution Consultants (Brian Chau, Jane Chen & Jason Grant) Adobe Education Leaders (Brett Kent & Juliette Bentley) and me.

IMG_6385 2

Another highlight was seeing QLD Adobe Education Leader Juliette Bentley on one of the main stages speaking to several hundred educators who were part of the leadership stream.

It has been so rewarding to see the way Juliette has blossomed as a leader in the area of educational technologies. About three years ago, she joined the Adobe Campus Leaders program after falling in love with the value of Adobe Spark in the teaching of English and Religious Education. She has since helped me run a number of events in QLD and in 2017 she was asked to represent Adobe in Singapore at the EduTECH Asia. That resulted in her being invited to events in Europe and for EduTECH to fly her to Sydney for this event where she got to meet Sir Ken Robinson.

See what can happen when you join the Adobe Campus Leaders program.

Juliette is now a valued member of our Adobe Education Leader program and a great example of how a teacher who was not confident with technology has taken some risks, stretched her confidence and achieved some amazing results for her student, her colleagues and herself.


Juliette & I caught  up with Adobe Education Leader (Emeritus) Chris Betcher how is now working full time with Google doing what I do with Adobe.

Stay tuned for a video on CreateEDU TV that was filmed at EduTECH featuring Juliette &  me interviewing range of educators.


Here are some other images from the conference …

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Big Day in Brisbane

The Big Day In Brisbane event was hosted again this year at The University of Queensland. It involved about 350 students from schools all around Brisbane.


Professor Michael Bruenig, Head of School, School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology gave a brief welcome address.


This was followed by a wonderful presentation from Greg Booker (RACQ) who has over 30 years in the technology industry and a great story to share about how IT has changed  and will be changing how we live and work and play.


My presentation was after Greg’s and I presented about how technology changes are disrupting many of the traditional job markets as well as creating whole new areas of work and what skills will be required to thrive in this exciting and ever-changing future?


Other presenters at this event included:

  • Georgina Siggins from Microsoft
  • Paul Peterson & Emily Entwistle from TechnologyOne
  • Dennis Prior from the QLD Department of Human Services
  • Adam Smith – Digital Transformation Agency, Australian Government
  • Eamon Barker, Avanade Australia
  • Major Benjamin Harrington, Defence Force Recruiting


Two more Big Day In events to go – Melbourne & Adelaide

Injecting digital creativity in Brisbane


Over 80 educators from about 20 schools and universities around Brisbane came to the TAFE QLD Southbank campus for an Inject Creativity into the Curriculum with Adobe event on Tuesday June 4. About 50 were from TAFE QLD teachers.


The educators enjoyed a busy program of professional learning activities including some outstanding hands-on activities from a number of experts.



Kev Lavery, Adobe Education Leader from TAFE QLD ran two sessions on Character Animator, Illustrator and After Effects


Adobe Guru, Richard Turner-Jones ran workshop on Photoshop and then one of Adobe XD


Linda Pitt from Apple ran two sessions on Adobe apps on the iPad, with a focus on Adobe Spark


Tony McLachlan, Adobe Campus Leader from the University of Southern Queensland, ran a session on data merging with Adobe InDesign


Adobe Campus Leader Jason Lane from Villanova College ran a workshop on animation with Adobe Animate.


I ran a workshop on Premiere Rush


Adobe Education Leader, Juliette Bentley worked her magic with a workshop on Adobe Spark

Based on the feedback, highlights of this event included:

  • Learning how there are many more Adobe programs than previously thought
  • Premiere Rush
  • Being able to find out about new Adobe programs that I can apply in my learning
  • Photoshop and XD Presenter was great
  • Highlighting some extra functionality of InDesign
  • Learning about Adobe Spark
  • I learnt about different Adobe apps and how to fully utilise them in the classrooms with the students.
  • very organised and the presenters are very engaging and informative.
  • Juliette’s breakout session was fantastically informative and interesting- with many tips and items that can be used throughout my teaching
  • Loved learning about Adobe Spark
  • Discovering Adobe products I didn’t know existed
  • It was a fun experience and I enjoyed it a lot.
  • Really fantastic to see such an active education community. I met some interesting people and hearing their backgrounds, how they are implementing creativity, and what they are working on provided some great inspiration. Thanks Adobe!
  • Very enjoyable workshop with fun tools and good presenters.
  • Good opportunity to network and Learn
  • Fab presenters loved Linda and Juliette
  • Collaboration with peers and sharing skills with others

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Special thank you to Kev Lavery and the team from TAFE QLD for hosting. My resources for the event can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –


 Click here if you are interested in attending a similar event.

Inject Creativity on the Gold Coast


Twenty-five teachers from nine school around the Gold Coast region registered for the Inject Creativity into the Curriculum with Adobe event that was held on Monday June 2 at Merrimac State High School.


During this event, the teachers had a choice of the following four hands-on workshop options:

  • Making PDFs come alive with InDesign & Acrobat by Abobe guru Richard Turner-Jones
  • Video in the classroom with Premiere-Pro by Adobe Education Leader Rose Duggan
  • Dynamic visual effects with After Effects by Adobe Campus Leader Stephen Henderson
  • Real-time animation with Character Animator and Photoshop by me

Feedback comments on highlights of this event included:

  • Character Animator and being able to ask other teachers/presenters questions that will support my students.
  • Practical tips for programs.
  • Hands-on activities – Being able to produce something at the end and thinking how to apply them in the classroom
  • The practicability of  character animator
  • Great insight into what can be included to enhance curriculum
  • the event was really helpful
  • Learning about forms in Acrobat
  • Learning about new softwares in the Adobe Suite and how they can be used
  • Tutorials for Adobe After Effects
  • Learning about InDesign could be practical for online exam design.
  • Using interactive forms
  • Learning new skills
  • Learning about how easy character animate is and Stephen Henderson’s tutorials.


Specal thank you to Rose Duggan and the team at Merrimac State High School for hosting. All my resources for this event can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –

  • IMG_3762

Adobe Day – Merrimac State High School – Gold Coast


It was a great pleasure to be on the the Gold Coast in Queensland to spend Monday June 3 at Merrimac State High School with Adobe Education Leader Rose Duggan and group of her talented media students.


The focus of this Adobe Day was animating with Adobe Character Animator and creating a short video story with Adobe Premiere Pro.

The great thing about Character Animator is that it allows for real-time animation because facial features can be tracked by any web-cam.


The students were challenged to work with a small team to create a short story that featured at least one digital puppet and, if possible, the incorporation of human talent via a green screen.


I was very impressed with what the students achieved in a relatively short amount of time. Even though some of the groups didn’t have a finished product at the end of the day, what they achieved in the process of design, collaboration and creativity was very impressive.