VR Editing @ Redlands


I was invited to run an Adobe Day on May 28 at Redlands focusing on editing 360 degree video for virtual reality with Premiere Pro. Redlands is located on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, in Cremorne and for this event hey organised 90 Year 10 & 11 media students to work with me for the day.


For many of the students, it was their first time working with Premiere Pro to edit video so we began the day with some simple editing techniques. The students picked up the basic skills really quickly, so we move into some more complected techniques such as how to key out a green screen background.


In the afternoon, I provided the students with some 360 degree footage and showed them how to apply their newly found techniques in to creating a virtual reality (VR) story.


They were all given a challenge to create a entertaining 30sec clip to share with everyone. I was very impressed with what they achieved and how much they learned in a day.

Click here if you would like to learn how to edit 360 footage in Premiere Pro