Sparking creativity at Melbourne Girls College


I had the great pleasure to spend the afternoon of Tuesday August 12 with a group of Year 9 students as well as the whole staff from Melbourne Girls College.

The student session was based on a Design Thinking Challenge based on using the three Adobe Spark tools to create a webpage, posters & a video about how the students would make the world s better place if they were in charge of the country for a day.

After school, the whole staff community filed into the library for a special Inject Creativity into the Curriculum with Adobe session.


We began with a demonstration on how Adobe Character Animator can be used to help engage students.


Following a demo on Adobe Spark video, the teachers were asked to pair up and create a Spark Video story about their passions. The results were very impressive considering they only had 10 minutes to make the clip.

The remaining time involved a short demo of Spark Post, Spark Page and Premiere Rush. The premium version of Spark, Rush and the full 2019 Adobe Creative Cloud applications are gradually being deployed as part of a new agreement into all Victorian Government Secondary Schools.


The main message from this event was that …

Adobe is no longer just about the high-end professional tools used in Arts, IT and Media programs.

There are a growing range apps from Adobe like Spark and Rush that can be easily used by any educators in any curriculum area.


I’m looking forward to sharing this message to Victorian Department of Education school across the state as we further develop our active use program throughout the region.


Special thank you to Wendy Keen and the team at Melbourne Girls College for inviting me to be part of their community for this event.