“We need to get Creative” – Dr Gill Hicks AM MBE


While in Adelaide this week, I had the opportunity to meet the amazing Dr Gill Hicks who was speaking with global education guru, John Hunter at a World Peace Games event hosted by Annesley Junior School.

Dr Hicks was a survivor of the London terrorist Bombings in July, 2005 where she lost both legs below the knees. Today, she is well known as a motivational speaker with a message of tolerance and compassion.

Some of the gems of wisdom I noted from her presentation included:

  • We should celebrate our capacity to adapt and learn from over 60,000 years of indigenous wisdom within our own country
  • Ideas are really powerful, they connect us and cannot be killed by a suicide bomber or war.
  • Design thinking helps us come up with new and greater ideas
  • We need to get creative
  • Peace can be exhausting, it’s not a nice, soft or easy option. Peace can be very challenging
  • Talk with people who have different view to you

    Have a look at her TED talk

It was a pleasure to hear from John Hunter who is doing amazing things around the world with students in a quest for world peace.  Here is his TED Talk …

Congratulations to Luke Ritchie Principal of Annesley Junior School as well as his staff and students for putting on this very inspiring evening.


Sparking Creativity at Flinders Uni – Adelaide


Thanks to Adobe Character Animator, Rob the Robot was joined (for the first time) by Dr Applesmith from Adobe to help  introduce this professional learning event that I ran at Flinders University on Thursday September 12.

The aim of the event was to introduce a range of academic and support staff to the value of a number of Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Most of the participants, were not aware of much more than Adobe Acrobat & Photoshop, so it was a pleasure to introduce to them to a whole new world of digital creativity and productivity options.

Adobe Spark was a revelation to many of them and it was great to see how quickly they produced a number of digital graphics and videos with ease.

Other apps that were work-shopped and presented included Character Animator, Rush, Photoshop and Experience Design.

Some of the feedback from  this session included the following comments …

  • An informative session
  • Learning the new apps was enlightening – I had not used Character Animate, but now I will
  • Being able to quickly create using the spark tools while in session
  • Tim was warm & engaging
  • A good intro to a wide range of apps on the suite. Need to think and read about which are likely to be integrated in my work.
  • Being able to create things straight away was a highlight
  • I didn’t realise the huge spectrum of Adobe programs, and that some were free and usable on handheld devices so that was really interesting.
  • Demonstrate a range of tools and showed some real examples
  • This session is very informative and it is great to refresh the knowledge
  • Highlight was the animation but overall was a great introduction.

My resources for this event can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via – http://bit.ly/adobe-Flinders19