Video literacy at Our Lady of Mercy

I had the pleasure of working with a class of Year 9 students from Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College in Cronulla, NSW to help improve their video editing skills with Adobe Premiere Pro.

I wasn’t able to visit the school due to COVID-19 restrictions but we we organised a video link and, over two sessions, we went through the following video editing techniques:

1 – File Management
2 – Importing & working with bins
3 – In & Out editing (7 second rule)
4 – Transitions
5 – Titles
6 – Adding & editing audio (voice over & music)
7 – Audio effects
8 – Video animation (key framing)
9 – Colour Grading
10 – Green Screen keying
11 – Exporting for online & High Def

Video editing is a modern literacy that all students should learn. Just about every industry that involves communication is looking for people with video production skills. Adobe Premiere Pro is the ultimate video editing solution. It is used at the highest level of multimedia, TV and film making. A more simple solution is Premiere Rush and the simplest video editing application is Adobe Spark Video.