APAC Adobe Education Summit – Day 2

Day 2 of the APAC Adobe Education Summit was open to any educator and we ending up with close to 450 teachers in and out during the day via various social media channels, Vimeo Live and Livestream.

Teachers registered for this event from every state and territory in Australia, from New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Japan, El Salvador, USA, UK, Jordan and Oman. All with a common interest in enhancing digital creativity in their classrooms. 

The Global Adobe Education Team

My co-host on the Inject Creativity Live show, Erin Ratheke joined me for this day to help do the introductions and the first set of presentation were like an extended version of our weekly show.

Clara Galán

Clara stayed up very late (Barcelona time) to do her session outlining a range of Adobe in Education programs with a focus on the new Adobe Creative Educators Program.

Click here to see Clara’s presentation

Ben Forta

Ben Forta is Adobe’s Senior Director of Education Initiatives and spends a considerable amount of time teaching, talking, and writing about creativity and digital literacy and the future of education, and provides feedback to help shape the future direction of Adobe products. Ben manages the global Adobe Education evangelists.

Click here for Ben’s presentation.

Tanya Avrith

Tanya Avrith is Adobe’s Education Evangelist for Nth America. It was delightful to have her join us for this event and she shared a range of programs and opportunities that he helps to manage that teachers from around the globe can access.

Matt Neimitz

Matt Neimitz founded and leads the Adobe Education Exchange, the first community platform for teaching and learning Adobe applications. Matt has grown the Education Exchange to equip hundreds of thousands of educators with the skills and resources they need to help their students be more creative.

Tacy Trowbridge

Tacy Trowbridge is Adobe’s Global Education Programs Lead. She presented some new research findings from Adobe.

Click here to see Tacy’s presentation.

Garima Babbar

Garima Babbar is Head of Education Initiatives in India. She recently ran the Adobe Education Leaders Summit in India with over 3000 educators in India. It was great to hear about the education initiatives coming out of India.

Creative Catalyst Talks

Creative Catalyst Talks are short, inspiring and practical presentation by Adobe Education Leaders from all over the globe.

Chiho Nakagawa – from Tokyo Japan

Raise Independent Learners

Click here for Chiho’s presentation.

Monique Gaudin

Monique Gaudin is an Adobe Education Leader and the Project Facilitator at Career & Technical Education – Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nevada She presented the topic – Learn how to use Spark to quickly create elements to enhance the branding, content and appeal of your online class.  

Click here for Monique’s presentation

Joel Aarons

Adobe Education Leader Joel Aarons is a primary teacher in Melbourne were most of this year has been about teaching remotely due to strict lock-down laws in Victoria. Joel’s presentation is titled Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity in Primary Years.

Click here for Joel’s presentation.

Adrian Bruch

Adrian Bruch is the Department Coordinator for Animation and Design at SAE Creative Media Institute, Melbourne. A leading-edge multimedia professional, with over thirty years experience in creating interactive content and digital publishing, Adrian has been an independent filmmaker and animator, working on independent films in Australia and Hollywood,  

His presentation for the 2020 Summit was titled Using Acrobat to do reflective journals as part of a creative practice. 

Click here for Adrian’s presentation

Diana Keeler

Diana Keeler is an Adobe Education Leader and the Manager of Digital Production at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. An Experienced Digital Production Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Diana is skilled in a wide range of Adobe applications. The topic of her Creative Catalyst talk was At Home or In the Classroom: Teaching Tips Learned from Quarantine.

Click here for Diana’s presentation

Dr Max Schleser

Adobe Education Leader Dr Max Schleser is a Senior Lecturer in Film and Television at Swinburne University of Technology, the first University in the APAC region to become an Adobe Creative Campus. This means that every staff member and every student throughout the University has free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Swinburne have employed staff and students to help drive active use of Adobe tools throughout the university to help enhance overall digital literacy and communication skills in all faculty areas. 

Max’s presentation is titled Exploring limitations as a creative opportunity.

Click here for Max’s presentation.

Abhimanyu Basu

An international educator for over twenty-four years, Abhimanyu Basu is an Adobe Education Leader and the Dean of Academics at DAIS Mumbai. His experience includes being a Teacher, Senior Examiner, Workshop Leader and Presenter at Conferences. Abhimanyu presentation was titled Our journey as a school during COVID 19

Click here for Abhimanyu’s presentatin

Chris Betcher

Chris Betcher is an AEL Emeritus, one of only two in the APAC region. This is a special title Adobe occasionally hand out to Adobe Education Leaders who have been very active in the leadership community but are no longer working in a specific school or education institution.  Chris currently works with the Google Education team. He originally taught visual art for a number of years before discovering his true passion for helping learners work with digital media, the social web and technology in general.  Over a 25+ year career as an educator, he has taught children and adults about computing, graphics, design, video, audio and multimedia creation, web tools and social media, all infused with a strong sense of appropriate use and digital ethics and he regularly present at conferences and workshops in Australia and overseas. Chris’ presentation was titled Always Learning

Click here for Chris’ presentation

David Dodds

From professional motion graphics to character animation, David Dodds holds a strong passion for bringing stories to life. He currently works as a motion graphics artist, and also teaches his craft at UCLA and through his own online learning platform. David’s topic was The new virtual classroom

Click here for David’s presentation


The afternoon involved the following workshop options. Some of them were recorded for access on-demand …



  • I loved the diverse and balanced range of speakers and topics.
  • Engaging with colleagues from across the globe
  • Loved all presenters today- such a variety from the APAC region.
  • Wow, so many. What a great summit.
  • All presenters were excellent.
  • Hearing all of the great things that everyone is doing with Adobe products. Particularly liked the tips for Animate in Brian Chau’s presentation.
  • Chiho’s creative catalyst talk was special – It was a treat to see Adobe tools being used via a different cultural lens.
  • Getting introduced to spark.
  • The diversity of the presenters
  • The Creative Catalyst presentations

Some of the other feedback comments

  • We need to have this happen more often 🙂
  • So good! Tim and other presenters did a great Job today and it was very engaging and informative. Thank you for your collaborative leadership.
  • Everyone is so positive and keen to share their knowledge – what a great team 🙂
  • Craig’s workshops were excellent. I attended his Premiere Pro workshop along with 2 colleagues from Woodleigh – they were very happy with his content, delivery / pace of instruction, and responsiveness to questions.
  • LOVED the way Tim Kitchen and Erin Raethke hosted!
  • Fantastic, energetic and organised. Well done
  • Informative and Exciting!
  • Great being online, would have like an extra hour start time in the morning for W.A., I like the community that is there and building through Adobe Education
  • Thank you so much for this wonderful event.
  • Thanks Tim and Erin. I really enjoyed hosting the workshop on Adobe Aero as well. Great work and well done on the organisation. For my first ever Adobe summit you have set a very high bar! Looking forward to 2021, hopefully F2F but equally as rewarding if still online.
  • I am glad that I attended the 2020 APAC Adobe Education Summit! My day has been fruitful and complete. I’ve learned a lot from the expert speakers. Thank You #AdobeEduCreative
  • The offerings for the afternoon workshops were outstanding and the two sessions I joined were brilliant. Jason Lane’s Aero presentation was exactly what I was hoping it would be and has further inspired me to push at my school to make this technology happen. Joel Aaron then reinforced (in my mind) just how user-friendly Premiere Rush really is and how it is the perfect stepping stone to Premiere Pro for my Junior students. I could not have joined better workshops although I am sure all the other sessions were equally rewarding. I would have like to have been part of each and every one of them so I look forward to watching all the recordings.
  • Fantastic day, really enjoyed attending and learning so much. The workshops were great!
  • Adobe For Education really helps Educators to be creative by giving different modules and trainings for them. Moreover, these modules and trainings and aligned to the needs of the every student and to the current situation of the world’s Education system.