Get to know your Adobe apps – Year 4 to 9 – Session 1 – recording

Last week was the first of three webinar sessions for Yr 4 to 9 teachers focusing on getting to know a range of Adobe applications.

Click here for the recording

Chapter 1 – Introductions & CC in Edu overview video
Chapter 2 – Spark Post demo with Brett Kent
Chapter 3 – Character Animator demo with Tim Kitchen
Chapter 4 – Spark Video demo with Brett Kent
Chapter 5 – Rush demo with Steve Nichols
Chapter 6 – Fresco demo with Brett Kent
Chapter 7 – Photoshop Camera demo with Steve Nichols
Chapter 8 – Photoshop demo with Brett Kent
Chapter 9 – Aero demo with Steve Nichols
Chapter 10 – Acrobat demo with Brett Kent
Chapter 11 – Resources

AEL Brett Kent demoing Adobe Fresco

During session 2 & 3 from this series, we will be doing a deeper dive into some of the above apps.

Session 2 – Mon March 15 (4.30 PM AEDT) or Thurs March 18 (6.30 PM AEDT)
Session 3 – Tue May 11 (4.30 PM AEDT) or Wed May 12 (6.30 PM AEDT)

Click here to find out more about this and similar sessions for senior secondary & higher education teachers.

Join us live if you possibly can – much more fun!

I’d like to highlight the following Spark Pages that were created during last night’s event as a summary:
· Rebecca Frith
· Tim Cosgrove

Click here for the Australasian Adobe in Education Update – February, 2021

Adobe Creative Educator program

If you haven’t already, please join the new Adobe Creative Educator program

Inspired Education event in QLD

Last Friday 26th February was the first of a series of professional learning events for Queensland teachers that were run by the Inspired Education group in partnership with Adobe.

This event involved about 14 teachers from 12 different Queensland schools, a mix of government and independent.

The focus of these events is encouraging good design and the creative use of a range of Adobe applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, XD and Adobe Spark.

Rashan Senanayake heads up Inspired Education Australia. He is a passionate advocate for good design and loves sharing the value of a range of Adobe tools with schools.

My job for this session was to beam in from Melbourne and run a 2hr session on Adobe Spark and XD.

A special thanks goes to St John’s Anglican College near Brisbane for hosting this event. By all accounts, the day was a great success.

Special thanks you to Rashan and his team for putting this together. I’m looking forward to the next one.