Be a Creative Educator Course – April 13

Last night, I ran another Be a Creative Educator course webinar. Over 120 teachers registered for this event which is aimed to help guild teachers in K12 & HED through the Creativity for All course – a requirement to becoming a Level 1 Adobe Creative Educator (ACE).

Click here for the recording

Chapter 1 – Introduction & welcome
Chapter 2 – Making the case for creativity
Chapter 3 – Defining creativity
Chapter 4 – World Economic Forum research & How creativity enhances other critical skills
Chapter 5 – How to develop creativity.
Chapter 6 – The power of creative tools
Chapter 7 – How to foster a creative learning culture
Chapter 8 – Strategies to infuse creative thinking into any subject & How can you assess Creativity
Chapter 9 – Adobe’s creativity tools

The next Be a Creative Educator course will be on Monday May 24 at 4 PM (AEST) and (just announced) Wednesday 9th June, 4 PM to 6.30 PM (AEST) and Wednesday 7th July (holiday period for most Aussie states) 10.30 AM to 1PM (AEST).

Register here and let your colleagues know about it.

Note that you don’t need to do this course to get your ACE badge. You can do the Creativity for All course On-Demand any time.