Creativity at Wodonga TAFE

On Monday June 28, I had the pleasure of working with a group of teachers who are part of the Creative Design and Digital Media department at Wodonga TAFE in regional Victoria.

We started the session by finding out what the teachers what their favourite Adobe applications are and what they would like to know more about. Within the group, there were some teacher who has been using Photoshop since the early 1990s and were confident with a number of Creative Cloud applications. The apps most of theme were keen to know more about included the Spark tools, Aero, Character Animator and Adobe new 3D tools.

I’d like to thank Adobe Creative Educator Ben Eyes and Teressa Finnimore (Wodonga TAFE Educational Leader Creative Industries) for inviting me and organising this event. It was delightful to work face to face with a group of passionate educators again after so many online engagements.

New Adobe & Microsoft Edu resource from Data#3

I had the pleasure of working with Microsoft Education Specialist, Steven Payne, Adobe Education Leader Jason Lane and the Data#3 team to put this new resource together that focuses on Adobe Spark, OneNote and MS Teams integration.

Click here to access.

Here are the main videos:

Inspired Digital Creativity in Rockhampton

On Thursday 17th June, I (virtually) joined Rashan Senanayake and his team at Inspired Education for a session on Adobe in Education with a group of educators from the Rockhampton & Yeppoon region in Queensland.

The aim of these sessions is to focus on design thinking with the help of a range of Adobe’s design tools.

I had the pleasure of facilitating an Adobe Spark and Adobe XD workshop. For many of the educators, it was their first experience with these communication and design tools.

I’d like to thank Rashan and his team for these sessions he is running for QLD teachers. It’s worth noting that Adobe Spark is now available to Education QLD schools without having to get special permission to use it. Click here for more information.

Also note that Adobe will be involved in i-Educate 2021 on August 26 & 27. Make sure you register for the Adobe Spark workshop and visit the Adobe booth.

All QLD K12 teachers – On Wednesday July 14, The Australian Computer Society and Adobe are running a free all day PL event based on level 1 of the Adobe Creative Educator badge. Click here for more information.

Have a look at some of the responses from teachers on the day …

Here is clip that provides more information about theses session by Inspired Education

Creativity at Kew High in Melbourne

It was a delight to be back in front of a group of secondary school students again face-to-face, or should I say face to mask.

The media teacher at Kew High School in Melbourne invited me to kick-start the Media Studies Unit Two program with a conversation about the importance of creativity and how Adobe tools can you help prepare students for a brighter future.

The students had experience with some of Adobe professional tools but we’re not aware of the full range of applications that were available to them as provided by the Victorian Government.

I’m looking forward to staying in touch with this class and seeing what creative work they are able to produce in this subject with Adobe tools.

This was my first face-to-face event with secondary students since March 2020. I’m looking forward to many more.

Here is an article about my visit that made the Kew High School newsletter

Click here if you would like to organise either a face or face or online Adobe adoption related event for your student or colleagues.

Australasian Adobe in Education Update – June, 2021

In this June edition of the Australasian Adobe in Education Update we celebrate reaching over 40,000 Australian members of the Adobe Education Exchange, nearly 45,500 ANZ members, over 166,000 in the APAC region and just over 981,500 members globally. Thank you for supporting this amazing education resource and please keep sharing it to your colleagues and wider education networks. You will find lots of new updates as well as links to a number of exciting professional learning opportunities for you and your colleagues.

There is still a misconception that Adobe tools are only for high-end users studying or teaching media, arts and design subjects. The following image demonstrates that there are in fact more low-lift apps available within the Creative Cloud.

When you are promoting the use of Adobe tools at your school/university, divide the Creative Cloud set of apps into:

Low-lift & high impact apps for everyone in all curriculum areas, and

Professional & high impact apps

Share this image with your colleagues and encourage them to learn more about the apps via:

Fresh off the press

Click here to access the recent announcement about Adobe Substance 3D: Tools for the next generation of creativity

2021 APAC Adobe Education Summit – save the date

The 2021 APAC Adobe Education Summit will be held on Wednesday September 29. This will be a virtual all-day event open during the school holidays for any educators in any sector. It will feature presentations from the local and global Adobe in Education team, Adobe Education Leaders, Adobe Creative Educators and other guests – all aimed to inspire teachers to enhance their digital creatively skills.

The Summit will also include a day exclusively for Adobe Education Leaders (Sept 28) as well as a day for Adobe Creative Educators (Sept 30). If you don’t yet have at least your level 1 ACE badge, now is the time to earn it via the Creativity for All course on the Adobe Education Exchange.

Global Adobe Education Summit

Registration is now officially open for the global Adobe for Education Summit, where we’ll celebrate creativity across the curriculum for educators in every subject area and grade level. We’ll discuss how to build skills for digital literacy, empower student learning experiences, and nurture the next generation of lifelong creators.

Note that this event is live within northern hemisphere time zones but there will be some convenient cross over and session will be recorded. Click here to register and discover more.

Updates for Victorian teachers

Victorian DET teachers can access the Adobe sections within the Vic DET Arc site to find out more about the following opportunities:

All Victorian teachers – stay tuned to the DLTV workshop & webinar site for some coming PL opportunities for later in the year.

Updates for NSW teachers

NSW DoE teachers – stay tuned to the T4L Adobe Resources site for a range of events that will help you to connect with access to Adobe Creative Cloud applications

For all NSW teachers – Adobe and CathWest are running a face to face Adobe 1 min Video Challenge for any stage 4 or 5 students at any school in Sydney’s west – Catholic, Independent or Department schools.

  • Date – Tuesday August 10, 2021
  • Time – 9 AM to 3 PM
  • Venue – CathWest Innovation College – Loyola Campus – 91 North Parade, Mount Druitt

This challenge is all about working with a team of students and teachers to create a 1 minute video in a day with the use of Adobe Premiere Rush to help promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Register here

Have a look at this Adobe 1 min Video Challenge with students from Mercy Catholic College

Updates for QLD teachers

Education QLD teachers – note that Adobe Spark is now available to your schools without the need to request student access on the department’s network. Spark for Education is available through the Adobe Creative Cloud licence. Click here for more information. Also note that Adobe will be involved in i-Educate 2021 on August 26 & 27. Make sure you register for the Adobe Spark workshop and visit the Adobe booth.

All QLD K12 teachers – On Wednesday July 14, The Australian Computer Society and Adobe are running a free all day PL event based on level 1 of the Adobe Creative Educator badge. Click here for more information.

Updates for SA teachers

SA DfE teachers, click here to access information about a series of Adobe in Education webinars we are doing exclusively for you.

Updates for all teachers

Click here to see the range of professional learning opportunities that available to all educators.

If you are keen to host an event for your colleagues and/or students, use this contact form to get in touch with the Adobe Education Team.

New Adobe Spark and Creative Cloud integrations for a range of EdTech platforms

Adobe is excited to announce new integrations with popular educational apps like Canvas, Blackboard, Flipgrid, Wakelet, and more — all designed to make self-expression seamless for both teachers and students. Click here to discover how to use these tools in your classroom.

New Storytelling with Audio course from Adobe and National Geographic

In our newest self-paced online course for educators, you’ll learn how to integrate audio storytelling in your classroom and empower your students to tell compelling stories. Click here to find out more and enroll.

View all six storytelling courses for teachers and young creators

Offered for both educators and youth ages 16–25, these short, free, self-paced online courses are designed to guide learners to visualize and communicate powerful stories that inspire action. Click here to find out more.

Check out this video

Australian Curriculum Review

The Australian Curriculum is currently under review and feedback is welcome. The new name for ICT Capability in the General Capability section of the Australian Curriculum, is Digital Literacy. This should eventually be reflected in all state based curriculum. As a general capability it is designed to be addressed through the content of all learning areas. It is pleasing to see a continued focus on communication, collaboration and creativity throughout the digital literacy general capability. Click here to find out more and have your say.

Inject Creativity Live

The Inject Creativity Live show continues to be a very popular way for teachers to get some mid-week inspiration either live or on-demand via the Adobe in Education YouTube channel. Here is the recent June 16 episode:

Past episodes can be found here.

Minecraft and Adobe Spark Challenge: Mission Earth!

This global challenge combines STEM with creativity and storytelling to give students the opportunity to design and build worlds in Minecraft and create videos with Adobe Spark. Click here to discover more.

Dive into our free “Teach Creativity with Adobe and Khan Academy” course

Since we launched our partnership with Khan Academy last month, over 10,000 educators have used our partner teaching resources and PD. Join a community of like-minded creative educators and explore our free course and lesson plans for all subjects and grade levels.

Project ideas with Adobe’s Low-lift & High impact tools

K-12 – Critical Thinking – Adobe Spark

Click here

K-12 – Mathematics – Premier Rush

Click here

K-12 – Science – Premiere Rush

Click here

Higher Ed – Design – Adobe Spark

Click here

Higher Ed – Project – Premiere Rush

Click here

K12 – History – Acrobat

Click here

Australasian Adobe Education Community on Facebook

If you haven’t already, please do join the Australasian Adobe Education Community Facebook group to keep regularly up to date with the world of Adobe in Education for the Australasian region.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Adobe Education team for any support.

Keep Being Creative!

Inject Creativity Live – June 16

The Inject Creativity Live episode recorded on June 16 featured Adobe Education Leader Craig Daalmeijer-Power from TAFE NSW as well Adobe Education Leader Steven Kolber from Bruswick Secondary College in Melbourne. Craig shared some very creative ways he and his students use Adobe XD and Steven shared his reflection from the recent International Labour Organisation where he represented Australia.

Click here to see Erin’s summary of the event

We are having a break from Inject Creartivity Live for a few weeks and will return on July 14 where Erin, Tim & Jerry will all be broadcasting from Brisbane, Australia (assuming boarders are open). Guest presenters will be Dr Karen Sutherland from the University of Sunshine Coast and Dan Haesler from Cut Through Coaching & Consultancy.

Topics will be – Adobe Stock in Education and Student Engagement

Click here to find out more about the Adobe Creative Educator program.

Click here to keep up to date with coming Adobe in Education events.

Low-lift & High-impact Adobe apps – webinar recording

On Tuesday, 8 June we converted what was to be a face-to-face professional learning event at John Paul College in Melbourne to an online event focused on Adobe’s low lift and high impact applications. It was a pleasure to have Adobe Education Leaders Michelle Dennis from Haileybury College and Justin de Lacy from Woodleigh School join me for this event.

Click here to access the recording of the main sessions.

  • Chapter 1 – Introductions,
  • Chapter 2 – Adobe in Education overview, the video didn’t record well so click here for access, Hillary’s story, app catergories
  • Chapter 3 – N/A
  • Chapter 4 – Key resources, resources video didn’t record so click here for access.

Workshop recording:

  • Adobe Aero with AEL Michelle Dennis – click here
  • Unfortunately Justin’s Spark workshop recording had a technical issue. Click here to see some Adobe Spark EduTips

Key resources shared

The Adobe Creative Educator Program

Inject Creativity Live – YouTube show

Feedback comments

Here are some of the comments about the highlights:

  • Breakout zooms with the opportunity to play with the programs
  • Creating our own websites
  • Having a practice with the tools
  • Opportunity to play with the product during the session
  • Excellent appropriate content
  • Learning about Adobe Aero – I have tinkered with it but it was good to have Michelle’s expert guidance.
  • Aero – just amazing
  • Getting to do it as we were learning it
  • It was fantastic to actually have a walk through session on how to use the spark applications! Felt very personalised. Tim was a great presenter/host!
  • Seeing apps that are new to me
  • Exploring the updates to Premiere Rush

Other comments

  • Well organised and engaging
  • Well worth attending
  • Thank you for being awesome Tim, Justin and Michelle-for the knowledge you kindly share with us

Click here to find out more and get involved with other similar events

Inject Creativity Live – June 2

The Inject Creativity Live episode recorded on June 2 featured Clara Galan from Adobe as well Adobe Education Leader Dr Max Schleser from Swinburne University sharing some very creative use of Aero, Photoshop & Premiere Pro.

Dr Max’s resources

Have a look at this AR experience created by some of Dr Max’s students at Swinburne University

Click here to see Erin’s summary of the event

The next episode will be recorded live on Wednesday June 16 and feature AEL Craig Daalmeijer-Power from TAFE NSW and thought leader Steven Kolber from Melbourne. Join us live if you can.

Topics will be – Innovation and creativity in the classroom using Adobe XD & Creating front line education reform

Click here to find out more about the Adobe Creative Educator program.

Click here to keep up to date with coming Adobe in Education events.

Staying healthy at Mercy Catholic College in Sydney

All the Year 8 students from Sydney’s Mercy Catholic College took part in an a recent Adobe 1 minute Video Challenge. This challenge was about encouraging students to work with a group to create a 1 minute video with an Adobe video tool to help promote the United Nations Sustainability Development Goal No. 3.

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

The Adobe video application the students needed to use was Premiere Rush.

Following an introduction and a Premiere Rush boot-camp tutorial, the students formed their production groups and had four days to complete their stories. All the video stories had a theme based on good hand hygiene. There were 26 creative entries and here are the top three finalists …

1st Place – Kill the Germs

2nd Place – Washing Hands The Difference It Makes

3rd place – Stay healthy

Other great entries included …

Germbusters- Adventures of Soaper Woman

Dora the Explorer


Hand Wash

Congratulations to all the students and teachers involved in this challenge. Keep developing your video literacy skills and use them to help you communicate in all sorts of curriculum and non-school areas in the future.