Inject Creativity Live – June 2

The Inject Creativity Live episode recorded on June 2 featured Clara Galan from Adobe as well Adobe Education Leader Dr Max Schleser from Swinburne University sharing some very creative use of Aero, Photoshop & Premiere Pro.

Dr Max’s resources

Have a look at this AR experience created by some of Dr Max’s students at Swinburne University

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The next episode will be recorded live on Wednesday June 16 and feature AEL Craig Daalmeijer-Power from TAFE NSW and thought leader Steven Kolber from Melbourne. Join us live if you can.

Topics will be – Innovation and creativity in the classroom using Adobe XD & Creating front line education reform

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Staying healthy at Mercy Catholic College in Sydney

All the Year 8 students from Sydney’s Mercy Catholic College took part in an a recent Adobe 1 minute Video Challenge. This challenge was about encouraging students to work with a group to create a 1 minute video with an Adobe video tool to help promote the United Nations Sustainability Development Goal No. 3.

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

The Adobe video application the students needed to use was Premiere Rush.

Following an introduction and a Premiere Rush boot-camp tutorial, the students formed their production groups and had four days to complete their stories. All the video stories had a theme based on good hand hygiene. There were 26 creative entries and here are the top three finalists …

1st Place – Kill the Germs

2nd Place – Washing Hands The Difference It Makes

3rd place – Stay healthy

Other great entries included …

Germbusters- Adventures of Soaper Woman

Dora the Explorer


Hand Wash

Congratulations to all the students and teachers involved in this challenge. Keep developing your video literacy skills and use them to help you communicate in all sorts of curriculum and non-school areas in the future.