Adobe Max Keynote Highlights – 2021

Adobe Max is the worlds largest creativity conference and the 2021 event is now available to watch free and online via

This post features some of the highlights from the keynote session that relate to educators and other creatives.

Here is the YouTube link to the keynote …

watch from 1 min 14 sec in the keynote

Following an outstanding opening video, Adobe’s Chairman, President & CEO Shantanu Narayen shared his thoughts on the event, what has been achieved in 2021 and he provided an overview of some of the new Adobe Creative Cloud features to be announced during the rest of the keynote and the conference.

Under the heading of creativity is a catalyst for positive change, Adobe’s partnership with the Khan Academy was visually highlighted

In closing Shantanu said, if the past 18 months have taught us anything, it is that the power of creativity can unite and change the world … Keep telling your stories, learn from each other, inspire each other. The future belongs to those who create. Now let’s create tomorrow together.

Scott Belsky, Adobe’s Chief Product Officer and EVP, Creative Cloud hosted the keynote session and introduced a number of guest presenters.

watch from 9 min 34 sec in the keynote

Early in his opening dialogue, Scott said, it’s amazing how creativity helps us make sense of the world, keeps us inspired and heals us when we need it most. It is fueled by emotion and suffering but it yields healing and hope.

He looked back in history and reflected on how repeatedly, a period of despair spawns a creative rebirth. He said a new renaissance is a upon us,a resurgence of making and artistic collaborations using new technologies (watch from 10 min 38 sec).

Scott said that at Adobe we firmly believe got the coming years will be about renewal and invention for creative careers for broken industries in need of re-imagination and for society at large. He encouraged us all to rise to this occasion together.

Scott said that the Adobe Creative Cloud roadmap was created with three goals in mind, to:

  1. enable connected creativity
  2. unleash creative potential
  3. empower creative careers

Collaboration & connectivity

Adobe creative cloud is now as much about collaboration as it is about creativity. It is also now more accessible than ever via a web browser.

watch at 16min 18 sec in the keynote

Bria Alexander from the CC Design Team shared some new CC Libraries features such as next groups, team libraries all aimed to enhance collaboation. She also proved a sneak peak on versioning within librarian which will be a soon to come feature.

Adobe’s Principal Creative Cloud Evangelist Terry White demonstrated the new share document feature within Photoshop that allows users to share their work via a public web-link and open up live comments & mark-ups that pin directly to elements of the image design.

Terry also introduced the new Photoshop on the Web (Public Beta) that allows users to do a lot of Photoshop techniques on a browser.

This will be great for schools who are working with Chromebooks.

watch at 18 min 23 sec in the keynote

Adobe and Google

Google’s SVP for Android, Chrome, Chrome OS Play, Comms and Photos, Hiroshi Lockheimer was interviewed by Scott and he shared about the important relationship Adobe has with Google especially in the browser space.

watch from 23min 42 sec in the keynote

New apps for 2022 – Creative Cloud Spaces and Canvas – the next generation of collaboration

watch from 27min in the keynote

Adobe’s Director of Product Management, Zorana Gee introduced the world to the new Creative Cloud Spaces and Canvas apps to be launched early in 2022.

CC Spaces is a browser based collaborative tool that allows for all project content to be in one web-based location that can be shared and interacted with a team in real-time.

CC Canvas is an infinitive whiteboard that allows for assets to be seen and worked by a team in real-time on in one browser-based location.

Real-time co-editing with Adobe files.

It even has real-time audio & video communication functionality with anyone who is linked to the project.

Unleashing creative potential

Shambhavi Kadam, Director, Product Management – Adobe Stock shared some new features within Adobe Stock including a new AI engine that makes it easier to find music for any project, find the right footage shot you are looking for as well as teh right still image.

watch from 35 min 5 sec in the keynote
watch from 37 min 36 sec in the keynote

Terry White returned to the main stage to share some other new features from the Photoshop team. These included:

  • new AI additions like auto masking within the Object Section Tool.
  • inserting Adobe Illustrator project layers into Photoshop
  • improved new & imporved neural filters such as landscape mixer & colorize

Adobe Senior Experience Designer Jinjin Sun shared teh laters updates to Adobe Fresco including:

  • adjustment layers
  • perspective grids
  • new motion features for animating your drawings

watch from 42 min 19 sec in the keynote
watch from 45 min 12 sec in the keynote

Khoi Vinh, Adobe’s Senior Director of Product Design presented an overview of what’s new within Adobe XD including:

  • Support for the coming CC Spaces
  • importing Lahti (vector) animations
  • importing video into XD
  • interactivity with video

Adobe’s Creative Director Brian Yap shared some new and updated features in Illustartor such as:

  • new pen tool improvements to Illustator on the iPad
  • Vectorize, a new feature that converts any image into a vector graphic.
  • custom brushes into Illustrator on the iPad
  • improved 3D features with Illustrator for desktop
  • share Illustrator projects via the web and allow for feedback and markups via a browser
  • Illustrator on the web (private beta)
watch from 46 min 11 sec in the keynote
watch from 56 min 17 sec in the keynote

Adobe Lightroom Product Manager Katrin Eismann introduced the new Lightroom masking feature via the new select sky button.

Prior to the new release segment for video, it was great to see Adobe Education Leader from California David Dodds featured in a special video postcards sequence along side Hollywood film director David Fincher.

watch from 1hr 1 min 13 sec in the keynote
watch from 1hr 3 min 4 sec in the keynote

Adobe’s Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Creative Cloud/Video Tools Jason Levine provides an insight into some new features for Premiere Pro & After Effects such as:

  • a new import feature
  • automatic speech to text captioning
  • new multi-frame rendering for After Effects to speed up project creation
  • the acquisition to provide a while new set of video sharing and marking up options via a browser

Emery Wells, the Head of, was interviewed by Scott Belsky about Adobe’s new acquisition. He talked about the origins of the company coming out of the post-production industry and new coming features.

He claimed that the next version of will be the future of how video gets made.

Scott indicated that together & Adobe will be pioneering the future of video

Find out more about via

watch from 1hr 8 min 8 sec in the keynote
watch from 1hr 10 min 9 sec in the keynote

Technical Evangelist, Meenu Thind shared a presentation about new features in the latest version of Adobe Acrobat including the new liquid mode format of reading PDFs.

Adobe’s recent acquisition of the Substance 3D tools was highlighted by Scott and Wes McDermott (Creative Producer, Art & Development Team, 3D & Immersive at Adobe).

watch from 1hr 11 min 26 sec in the keynote
watch from 1hr 23 min 45 sec in the keynote

Scott Belsky was very proud to share the progress that has been made with the open source Content Authenticity Initiative during 2021.

This is to ensure that artists get credit for their work and ti help people know what content they can trust.

Scott announced that anyone can now turn on content creditials in Photoshop.

What’s new in the Adobe Creative Cloud

Summary of the new Adobe CC features

Have you downloaded the latest updates?

Adobe Sneaks

Adobe Sneaks is about getting a sneak peek into what’s brewing in Adobe Research. MAX Sneaks is where Adobe engineers give a first look at potential future technologies, which may or may not make it into upcoming versions of Adobe products.

Over 400 sessions

Check to view over 400 sessions from hundreds of inspiring presenters.

Take special note of these sessions from Australian presenters

Session S292 – Giving students a voice with Character Animator

S291 – Fostering Digital Literacy in the K–12 Creative Classroom

S807 – Transforming Education with Creative and Digital Skills

Inject Creativity Live – 20th Oct, 2021

The Inject Creativity Live show recorded on October 20 featured Adobe Education Leaders Brett Salakas (HP Adobe Ambassador), Michelle Dennis from Haileybury College and Juliette Bentley (Adobe Master Teacher, APAC). The app focus for this episode was Adobe Spark Video for encouraging creating writing. Michelle’s thought piece was about girls in tech and we had a special interview with Dom Traynor (Adobe Evangelist from Europe) who shared a new Spark Climate Change writing & video challenge.

Here is Erin’s summary Spark Page –

Dom’s Spark Climate Change Channege –

The next episode will be recorded on Wed rd Nov at 6.30 PM AEDT. Click here to register for the next episode and other planned Adobe Education events for the APAC region.

Click here to find out more about the Adobe Creative Educator program.

Click here to keep up to date with coming Adobe in Education events.

Australasian Adobe in Education Update – October, 2021

Welcome to the October 2021 edition of the Australasia Adobe in Education Update Newsletter.

This edition includes:

  • APAC Summit Review
  • New Adobe TeachMeets program
  • Adobe Max promo
  • Recent Adobe Creativity Challenge from QUT students
  • Inject Creativity Live
  • Video Editing Workshop 2022
  • New resources on the Adobe Education Exchange – and more …

What an amazing Summit!

The 2021 APAC Adobe Education Summit took place over three days from September 28-30 with over 1000 teachers from 30+ countries joining in live during the open day on Wed Sept 29. Have a look at this post about the event featuring links to the various recordings.

Over 30 presenters were involved throughout the three days with special contributions from the APAC Adobe Education Leaders community. Take particular note of the Classroom Success Stories and the Creative Catalyst Talks.

Adobe TeachMeets

We are very excited to announce a new set of free and online professional learning opportunities for teachers who are either beginners or advanced users of Adobe apps in any curriculum area called Adobe TeachMeets. Starting in November 2021, and running through to the end of 2022, click here to find out more and register for a wider range of dates and topics. These are practical hands-on sessions run by Adobe Education Leaders and the Adobe Education team.

Let all of your colleagues know about these opportunities and share this link –

Look up (and share) the Adobe in Education Events site for more events like this.

Adobe Max – free & virtual

Being held later this month on October 28–29 (APAC dates), the Adobe Max – The Creativity Conference is Adobe’s largest community event.

Join us for an extraordinary virtual experience to find inspiration, connect with creatives from around the world, and learn the best ways to bring your best ideas to life. Open to all, at no cost.

Be inspired by expert speakers in design, photography, illustration, social media, 3D, video, and register for the special education track featuring a session from Tim Kitchen (Adobe Education) and Craig Daalmeijer-Power (TAFE NSW) on student voice with Character Animator so book into session S292 – Giving Students a Voice with Character Animator.

It will also be featuring Australia’s own Juliette Bentley (Adobe Education Leader and Adobe Master Teacher) from Mt St Michael’s College – session S291 – Fostering Digital Literacy in the K–12 Creative Classroom.

Swinburne University Deputy Vice-Chancellor Sarah Maddison will also be presenting – session S807 – Transforming Education with Creative and Digital Skills

Let your colleagues know and get involved.

Join the Adobe Creative Educator Program

The Adobe Creative Educator Program is all about creativity in education. You don’t need to be an Adobe export or even a regular Adobe user to get your level 1 (Credly) badge.

If you would like to be supported through level 1, you may like to do the Be a Creative Educator course. Next opportunities are Mon 18th Oct or Tue 16th Nov – 4 PM to 6.30 PM (AEDT).

Look up (and share) the Adobe in Education Events site for more events like this.

Student Creativity Challenge at QUT

About 20 students from Queensland University of Technology took up the opportunity to be involved with a recent Adobe Creativity Challenge. Click here to see a post about the event that features some outstanding examples of what can be possible by students when they have access with Adobe tools and are given the opportunity to collaborate and be creative.

Take special note of the amazing video titled Life Below Water made with Premiere Pro & Adobe Substance and also check the creative large screen data-wall info-graphic made with Adobe XD.

New research on the importance of teaching creativity in Higher Ed

Click here to learn about a new study by Civitas Learning, LinkedIn & Adobe that measures the effects of integrating creative and digital literacy skills across general higher education courses, and the impact of these skills on career trajectory.

Opportunities for NSW & Victoria students

Adobe Creativity Challenge

We still have some places left for the coming Adobe Creativity Challenge for Victorian students in Years 5 to 9. The kick-off session is Wed Nov 10 so register soon. Registrations close on Nov 5.

Creativity Challenge opportunities in 2022

Look up (and share) the Adobe in Education Events site for more events like this.

Holiday Video Challenge

Victorian and NSW teachers are encouraged to register themselves and their (Year 9-12) students for the April 2022 Holiday Video Challenge. This is a free and online 2.5 day intensive workshop with Adobe Premiere Pro. No prior experience is required other than a interest in taking video production to the next level with this industry standard software.

There are two iPads, Apple Pencils and an DJI Pocket Gimble/Camera up for grabs for the best showcased work.

Share this opportunity with your Vic & NSW teaching colleagues via –

Inject Creativity Live

Have a look at the Inject Creativity Live episode that was recorded on October 6 with special guests Brett Kent from NSW and Paul McClean from NZ. Brett did a great demo of Adobe Audition for podcasting and other audio editing.

Look back at episode 50 recorded on September 22. It features a great discussion about the future of schools with Peter Hutton from the Future Schools Alliance.

The next show is being recorded on Wed 20th October at 6.30 PM AEDT via the Adobe for Education YouTube Channel. Click here to find out more.

Connect with other Leading Creative Educators – AEL Livestreams on Behance

Click here to create alongside expert educators from around the world. Learn new techniques and experiment with Adobe tools to stay inspired.

Adobe for Education is now on Instagram

The Adobe for Education global team have recently launched an Instagram channel. Follow us here as we share tips, tutorials, giveaways, and the best visuals made by our favorite community — educators. #AdobeEduCreative

Adobe is collaborating with DLTV for an after school webinar on October 28 titled – Sparking Creativity in any learning area with Adobe’s free tools. Click here to register and find out more.

Free Adobe Certified Professional Webinars in October

Click here to get exposed to the power of Certiport’s Adobe Certified Professional pathway, learn from industry creatives about the future of the industry, and get trained on how to level-up the skills you teach in your classroom.

Highlighted Adobe Education Exchange course

Engaging Video Projects in the Classroom

Help your students tell compelling visual stories

Video is a fantastic medium for telling stories and sharing information. It’s engaging, immediate and fun, and has the potential to enrich your curriculum and help your students engage with any topic.

Creative kickstarter activities to get students creating and collaborating in any classroom

Have a look at this updated collection of quick, engaging activities includes great ideas to kick-start creating and collaborating in all subjects and grade levels using a variety of Adobe apps.

Classroom ideas on the Adobe Education Exchange

Create a visual poem about your identity.

In this lesson from expert educator Caitlin Macleod-Bluver, students use Adobe Spark to draft and publish poems about their identities.

Design a mosaic using similar and congruent shapes.

In this lesson from expert educator Max Suechting, a curriculum producer at Adobe, students use Illustrator to create mosaics using similar and congruent shapes.

Produce a TV news segment about a STEM topic.

In this lesson from Professor Stephen Moysey at Clemson University, students use Premiere Rush to explore STEM topics in an engaging “TV show” format.

Create a photography flip-book using video techniques.

In this lesson by expert educator Lisa Gottfried, students use Adobe Spark to create their own photobooks by remixing found photographs into videos.

Create a government communication to share important news.

In this project by expert educator Cristen Magaletti, students use Adobe Spark to mock-up a hypothetical or real government communication.

Create an augmented reality museum exhibit.

In this project by expert educator Greg Kulowiec, students use Adobe Aero to design and present an art gallery in augmented reality.

Create a pitch deck to solve the digital divide.

In this project by Adobe Curriculum Producer Max Suechting, students use Adobe XD to pitch projects addressing aspects of the digital divide.

Annotate an image to demonstrate a visual art concept.

In this lesson from Dr. Kim Beil at Stanford University, students use Adobe Spark to analyze the composition of historical artworks.

Create an engaging and dramatic book trailer.

After reading a book, students use Rush CC and video-enhancing features to create an engaging and dramatic book trailer

COP26 CLIMATE CHANGE CHALLENGE(opens in a new tab)

Climate Change Challenge

Leading up to the coming UN Climate Change Conference in Scotland, take advantage of this Climate Change writing & video challenge as created by Dom Traynor, Adobe’s Education Evangelist for Europe.

Share via –

Australasian Adobe Education Community on Facebook

If you haven’t already, please do join the Australasian Adobe Education Community Facebook group to keep regularly up to date with the world of Adobe in Education for the Australasian region.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Adobe Education team for any support.

Keep Being Creative!

Inject Creativity Live – 6th Oct, 2021

The Inject Creativity Live show recorded on October 6 featured Adobe Education Leaders Brett Kent from NSW DoE and Paul McClean from Rare Innovations in NZ. The app focus for this episode was Adobe Audition for podcasting and other audio editing.

Here is Erin’s summary Spark Page –

Paul’s resources – Digital Mastery 3.0 Article that justifies “Bringing on the Bench”

The next episode will be recorded on Wed 20th October at 6.30 PM AEDT. Click here to register for the next episode and other planned Adobe Education events for the APAC region.

Click here to find out more about the Adobe Creative Educator program.

Click here to keep up to date with coming Adobe in Education events.

A student creativity challenge at QUT

Over 20 QUT (Queensland University of Technology) students from a range of faculty areas took part in an Adobe Creativity Challenge where participants are encouraged to work with a team to design & share a digital solution (with Adobe tools) to a problem.

In this case, the problem was based around promoting one or more of the 17 United Nation Sustainability Goals. Solution options could include any of the following …

  • a 1 min video made with either Adobe Spark, Premiere Rush, Character Animator, After Effects &/or Premiere Pro.
  • a mobile app design with Adobe XD & Photoshop
  • a poster/flyer with Adobe Spark, InDesign, Illustrator &/or Photoshop
  • an animation with Adobe Animate
  • a drawing/painting/graphic art piece with Fresco, Photoshop or Illustrator

The initial briefing (kick-off) was held as a virtual event via MS Teams on Thursday September 23 and the Showcase was a virtual event on Wednesday 6th October.

Here are samples of what the students produced


Mobile App design made with Adobe XD by Luke, Gabrielle & Sri

Click here to view the prototype

Life Below Water

Video made with Premiere Pro & Adobe Substance by Ellie, Hsuan, Epifanio & Leena


App design with Adobe XD by Mengfan, Ellen, Paiwenkai, Christine & Xavier

Click here to see their designs

This is a video outlines what they created.

Data wall – interactive info graphic – outlining a range of UNSDGs

Built with Adobe XD by Ellelouise & Anastasia

Click here to see the prototype

Here is a video of the info graphic in action.

Spot the Inequality

A poster made with Photoshop & Illustrator by Fiona-Maria, Amirah & Tulika

SDG 12 – Cartoon Graphic

Made with Photoshop by Maitri, Thi Ngoc, Shaily & Thi Quynh

Over 1000 teachers at the 2021 APAC Adobe Education Summit

Over 700 teachers from 30+ countries registered, but close to 1500 watched the 2021 APAC Adobe Education Summit either live or soon after. This is a tribute to the 30+ presenters from the Adobe Education Leaders community and from the Adobe Education team.

Recordings can be found via this Vimeo Livestream link.

Click here to see Erin Raethke’s Spark Page summary of this event

The 2021 Summit began on Tuesday Sept 28 with a pre-conference event exclusively for Adobe Education Leaders (AELs). Then, on Wednesday 29th the open day commenced with a set of presentations from the Global Adobe Education Team in the USA.

Dr Brian Johnsrun (Adobe’s Director of Education Learning & Advocacy) provided an Adobe in Education Global Overview update with a focus on resources on the Adobe Education Exchange.

Click here to see Brian’s session.

Matt Niemitz (Principal Product Manager & GM, Adobe Education Exchange) shared recent updates to the Adobe Education Exchnage.

Click here to see Matt’s session.

Tacy Trowbridge (Adobe’s Global Education Programs Lead) presented information about the Adobe for Education thought leadership program.

Click here for Tacy’s session

Adobe’s Low-lift & High-impact tools

Click here to see Tim Kitchen and Erin Raethke’s session focused on Adobe’s Low-lift & High-impact tools. This features a short demo on Spark Post by Erin.

Click here to see Kev Lavery’s wonderful demonstration on Adobe Premiere Rush. Kev is from TAFE QLD.

Tim Kitchen then finished the Low-lift & High-Impact session with a demo on Adobe Character Animator. Click here to see.

Michelle Dennis, Head of Digital at Haileybury College, presented a very insightful session on the use of a range of Adobe (and other) tools in the design thinking process. Click here to access.

Classroom Success Stories

One of the highlights for many watching live was the series of Classroom Success Stories that commenced with Brett Kent from the NSW DoE, Juliette Bentley from Mt St Michael’s College in Brisbane and Erin Raethke from TAFE QLD focusing on their use of Adobe Spark. Click here to access their sessions.

Next up was Ali Blackwell from Melville Senior High School, Perth and Craig Daalmeijer-Power from TAFE NSW with theor Classroom Success Story on the use of Adobe InDesign. Click here to access.

To complete the first set of Classroom Success Stories, Dr Max Schleser from Swinburne University, Mel Muller from Mountain Creek State High School, QLD and Brett Kent fro NSW DoE shared success stories about the use of AR & AR in their classrooms. Click here to access.

The second set of Classroom Success Stories started with Joel Aarons from Camberwell South Primary School in Melbourne and Adrian Bruch from SAE Creative Media Institute in Melbourne who focused on the use of Photoshop. Click here to see their stories.

The next Classroom Success Story, with Mark Woszczalski from TAFE NSW and Emma Wise from Kerikeri High School in New Zealand, feature amazing student work with Adobe After Effects. Click here to see their sessions.

The final of the Classroom Success Stories was with Michelle Dennis from Haileybury College and Craig Daalmeijer-Power from TAFE NSW who shared their students very creative use of Adobe XD. Click here to access.

To help conclude the open day of the 2021 Adobe Education Summit, JB Tinker from Certiport joined us to discuss Adobe certification options and Clara Galán (Adobe Global Education Community Lead) gave some closing comments. Click here to see them in action.

Creative Catalyst Talks

One of the highlights of pre-conference for Adobe Education Leaders were the following a set of Creative Catalyst Talks aimed at inspiring creativity in K12 or Higher Ed classrooms.

  • Dr Max Schleser from Swinburne University – Today is Tomorrow—Art generates Art
  • Juliette Bentley from Mt St Michael’s College, Brisbane – Making Global Connections
  • Jason Lane from Villanova College, Brisbane – Using AR to Visualise Design Thinking

Click here to see this set of Creative Catalyst Talks

Dr Max Schleser
Juliette Bentley
Jason Lane

The second set of Creative Catalyst Talks involved:

  • Craig Daalmeijer-Power from TAFE NSW – Innovation and Creative Education
  • Lauren Sayer from Melbourne Girls Grammar School – Increasing student creativity and agency using video
  • Mark Christie from NT Department of Education – Ideation and Creation

Click here to see these Creative Catalyst Talks.

Craig Daalmeijer-Power
Lauren Sayer
Mark Christie

A special thank you goes to all the amazing presenters (especially Erin Raethke for not only co-hosting but also creating the summary Spark pages) for their contributions and the Adobe Education Leaders who joined the various online committee meeting sessions to help plan this event. Special credit goes to Joel Aarons who came up with the Classroom Success Story concept, it was a great addition.


Feedback from the Summit was outstanding. 98% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that the overall quality of the event was excellent and that they would recommend the event. Here are some of the comments about highlights …

  • The classroom success stories gave me awesome ideas!
  • Adobe Spark…and hearing what other educators are using successfully in their classrooms to enhance learning
  • Being able to work from home and see so much information.
  • Seeing the use of VR and AR in schools as well as the use of after effects tool!
  • Seeing how students are benefitting professionally from certifications
  • I learned a lot from this session especially the hands on experience in using adobe apps like spark post. So grateful to be part of this community.
  • I loved seeing the practical examples of how some of the Adobe suite programs can be used in the classroom
  • I really appreciate the success stories. Amazing efforts and outputs from the students.
  • The use of Adobe in real world situations and the work that students have achieved. Seeing the potential in the classroom, very exciting.
  • Learning more about Adobe Spark really helped me to develop ideas that can improve my teaching and can develop the creativity of my students as well.
  • I like the Adobe Low-lift & High impact app product demos session
  • Thank you so much for sharing lots of valuable information! No regret to spent about 6 hours in this event!
  • I’m so happy that I attended this I will really explore the tools presented and apply it on my classes especially the Adobe Spark.
  • Creative thinking and design using Adobe Spark and Rush as well as mainstream apps like Photoshop and InDesign
  • First of all thank you and congratulations to the organizers and the host and speakers, I am so happy learning more about the powerful Adobe apps that I can use in my teaching and administrative functions especially the Adobe Spark.
  • I enjoyed every session of the PL activity. The experiences shared by the presenters was truly inspiring. Encouraging creative learning is so important.
  • enjoyed seeing real world examples by educators utilizing Adobe products in their classes – particularly impressed by the teacher from NZ and her use of After effects with the students
  • I have honestly drifted away from many apps that I don’t actively teach, and it was so good to get re-inspired to dive back in and up-skill myself in these and really look at refreshing my own curriculum and teaching practise. Can’t say enough brilliant things about this summit. If it were face to face, it would be my favourite of the six I’ve been to. Really well streamlined, thoughout and relevant.
  • This was my first APAC Adobe Ed Summit. It was a fantastic day. I now have an exciting opportunity to share my experiences today with my students.
  • Great experience! Would highly recommend to any educator who would like to see opportunities to explore how creativity can be developed together in a safe and supportive environment.