Adobe Day at Upper Yarra Secondary College – Victoria

Upper Yarra Secondary College in Yarra Junction, Victoria hosted an Adobe Day for all of their Year 7 students on Monday 24th October.

Adobe Days are a creativity program to support teachers in the mission to transform teaching and learning and to promote student success with an aim to inspire teachers to foster engaging student experiences that develop digital literacies, creative problem-solving, life-long learning and build their confidence to innovate and connect the curriculum with career and community.

This event was focused on encouraging each Year 7 students to use Adobe Express to build a poster/infographic about a cause or topic they are passionate about.

Staff from a range of faculty areas within the school as well as some visiting teachers joined in on an after school Adobe in Education professional learning event that looked at the educational benefits of Adobe Express, Character Animators and Premier Rush.

Special thank you to Marcus Cook (STEM Teacher) for organising this Adobe Day for his students and colleagues.

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Adobe Max 2022 – Highlights

The Adobe Max conference is Adobe’s largest annual event and, for the first time since 2019, it was back face to face in Los Angeles and broadcast live across the planet.

This year, Adobe celebrated it’s 40th anniversary. CEO Shantanu Narayen reflected back on his 25 years with the company and the way Adobe has helped lead digital transformations in so many ares of work and play over the years. In his keynote address, Shantanu said …

Our vast portfolio of industrial leading products are empowering billions of people to tell their stories in richer and more varied ways than ever before.

Shantanu announced that Adobe Express is now available for free to over 10 million global not-for-profits organisations to help them engage donor and generate increased impact was met with strong applause by the 6,000 in attendance. Shantanu also formally announced the recent acquisition of Figma, a leading web first collaborative design platform to re-image the future of digital creativity and productivity.

Shantanu mentioned that there are now 30 millions Behance members globally and 300 million images on Adobe Stock. And he concluded his keynote by thanking Adobe users who continue to inspire his over 27,000 employees to create products and experiences that change the world.

Shantanu Narayen – Adobe CEO

Scott Belsky, Adobe’s Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Creative Cloud led a session of demos and announcement of new features for a range of Adobe applications based on three themes:

  • Precision & superpowers
  • Sped & Ease
  • Collaborative Creativity

Premiere Pro

  • Auto colour correction
  • Audio re-mixing
  • integration (video collaboration, review & iteration)
  • Lots more Motion Graphic Templates within Adobe Stock
  • Auto Color

Photoshop (desktop)

  •  Simple selection tool
  • Click & delete objects
  • New neural filters
  • New Sky Replacement features
  • New gradient tools
  • Share for review (Beta)
  • Depth Blur
  • Landscape Mixer
  • Colorize

Photoshop on the web

  • New editing & retouching capabilities
  • Raw image support
  • Contextual task bar


  • Lightroom Albums for sharing & co-editing

After Effects

  • Replacing objects with AI


  • New sharing & collaborating via HTML features
  • Text wrap around object feature
  • Style packs


  • Intertwining feature

Adobe Express

  • Integrating Adobe Express with Wix
  • New video and animation features
  • Real-time multiplayer collaboration
  • Link directly to Photoshop to make edits and sync automatically
  • New AI features eg – generating a background just my describing it
  • Create unique fonts with generative AI


  • Substance 3D Library enhanced
  • Substance Modeler (modeling in VR)
  • Substance Painter (linking with Substance 3D Assets)
  • Substance Stager

Check out Scot Belsky’s blog post – Updated Creative Cloud helps you create with precision and speed and collaborate seamlessly

Have a look at the special post-Adobe Max Inject Creativity Live show on the Adobe for Education YouTube Channel.

Watch the Day 1 Keynotes and demos in full

A highlight of Adobe Max each year is Sneaks where new technologies, that may or may not end up as future Adobe apps or features of current apps, are demos by Adobe engineers. This years Sneaks features US Celerity and comedian Kevin Hart.

Have a look at the main Day 2 keynote event in full.

Adobe Day – Somerville Secondary College, Victoria

Creating Digital Portfolios with Adobe Express was the main theme of the Adobe Day at Somerville Secondary College on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria on Thursday 13th October. What I really enjoy about Adobe Days is spending a whole day face to face with 100s of students from a range of years levels as well as lots of teachers, sharing with them what they can create with Adobe tools.

Digital Portfolios are one of the many publications that are simple to create with Adobe Express. I worked with four different groups of students from Years 7 to 11 sharing the value of digital portfolios and getting them all to create their own with the access to Adobe Express that has been provided to all Victorian government school secondary students by the Victorian Department of Education & Training.

We discussed the following points about Digital Portfolios:

  • Portfolios are designed to demonstrate what students know and how they got there.
  • They can be website, video, podcasts or other types of media
  • Portfolios help students to reflect on their learning, show evidence of learning, make connections between topics and develop presentation skills
  • Portfolios can be created for classmates, teachers, parents, future course admissions officers future employers

I created this portfolio site to help the students further understand and develop their own digital portfolios in the future.

At lunchtime, I ran a competition involving using Adobe Express to create an infograhic based on the theme of skills to thrive in the future and a set criteria. The winners won chocolate.

After school, about 50 of the teaching staff and some local visiting teachers took part in a professional learning session focused on engaging students in any curriculum area and level with Adobe Express, Character Animator and Premiere Rush.

Key resources I shared with the teachers included:

I would like to thank Charles Travis, Design and Technology Leading Teacher at Somerville Secondary College for organising this event for his school.