Being creative in Mt Beauty, Victoria

Mt Beauty Secondary College is located at the base of the stunning Victoria’s Alps and it was the location of an Adobe Day on Wed 14th December, 2022.

The main focus of this day was getting to know the value of Adobe Express in the teaching and learning process.

Being the last week of school for 2022, there was considerable flexibility in the timetable. Some staff and students spent most of the day with me, others came in for an hour or so.

We made, posters, video stories and web pages all based around what we are passionate about. I was also able to introduce Character Animator and Adobe Premiere Rush to a number of students and teachers.

I would like to thank Hannah Little, Mt Beauty’s Visual Communication Design, Digital Tech and Technologies teacher for organising this event.

Click here to get to know more about Adobe Express

Expressing creativity at Yarra Valley Grammar

Yarra Valley Grammar is one of Melbourne’s most successful independent schools and I was invited to work with their Year 5 & 6 teaching team on Monday 12th December.

We started with a session titled The importance of creativity in teaching and learning. During this session, we touched on research from the World Economic Forum, Dr Ellis Paul Torrance, Professor Ellen Jane Langer, Dr Tim Patston, Professor Seymour Papert & Sir Ken Robinson.

I encouraged the teachers to look at the interviews we did with Sir Ken about 10 years ago, now available on a dedicated playlist within the Adobe for Education YouTube Channel.

The rest of the time together was based in learning how to use Adobe Express to build animated posters, short videos and webpages.

All the teachers were quick to learn and came up with lots of ideas related to the way they will be using Adobe Express throughout 2023 with their students.

A special thanks goes to Phil Callil, the Yarra Valley Grammar Director of IT and Digital Learning, for organising this event.