Dr Tim Kitchen ADE

In 201o when I keynoted at the Victorian Apple ITSC Education Conference I was approached by the organisers to formally applying to be an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator). I had met a number of ADEs over the years at various conferences and been very impressed with their dedication to improving the world of education.

I looked up what it meant to be an ADE before applying and agreed that what was expected was very much in line with what I have been striving to do for a number of years with my work at Strathcona and with a range of professional teacher associations, publication and conferences.

On the 16th February, I was informed that I have been accepted into the ADE class of 2011.

The significance of being involved in the ADE program is summarised beautifully by American educator Dr William Rankin when he says …

“ADEs work closely with Apple to lead innovation in education. They advocate using new technology to help engage students in new ways — and share their expertise with other educators and policy makers. They advise Apple on the realities of integrating technology into learning environments. They author and publish valuable insights, lessons, and best practices. And they work together as ambassadors to develop and promote powerful ideas for improving teaching and learning worldwide.”


Dr William Rankin

Part of the application process involved creating a 2 minute video about myself and why I should be selected as an ADE. Here is what I presented …