I am a regular presenter for ISV, VITTA, ICTEV, iNet, ACCE, Apple ITSC and Strathcona.

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Conference presentation topics

To BYOD or not to BYOD

The iPad revolution has turned into a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution. Many schools are now setting up their networks, policies and curriculum to cater for students to be able to bring in the device that best suits their learning style whether it be an iPad or Android tablet, a MacBook or Netbook – or even a smart phone. What impact is this having on the way we teach? Is this the catalyst that will finally force every teacher to take a modern 21st Century approach to learning and teaching? What are the cybersafety implications?

It is an interesting time to be involved in education!


Boys like Android tablets and Girls like the iPad – it’s not that simple

This session looks at how and why the digital tablet has revolutionised education like no other device in history and how and why this device has dramatically affected the learning and teaching process.


iPads in Schools

This presentation looks at the emerging technologies found within the iPad and how many educators around the world are claiming that this device above all else is going to have the biggest impact of learning & teaching.

Article – iPads @ School


Your School has a TV station?

Strathcona Television (STV) has been established for about 5 years and now has it’s own studio and weekly news service securely available online for the whole School community. Initially set up for the senior Media students, STV is know in demand throughout the whole Kto12 School offering opportunities to share, entertain and inform. This presentation looks at how & why  STV was established and what impact it has had on the School community.

Article – The Age Newspaper


Where has the creativity gone?

From an industrial society to a knowledge based society and now to a creative society. This presentation challenges teachers and school administrators to keep up with the changes or risk being irrelevant in the 21st Century.

Article  – Education Technology Solutions magazine June/July 2010 (issue 36)

ArticleThe Journal for Australasian School Leaders, Spring 2010 pp. 8-11

ArticleEncouraging Creativity with ICT in Education, ACEC Conference 2010, Refereed Paper

ArticleFrom tools of knowledge to tools of creativity, infonet, The Journal of the Victorian Information Technology Teachers Associations Inc, Volume 19, Number 1, ISSN:1036-3882

ArticleEncouraging communities of learning and ICT integration by modelling good practice, Education Technology Solutions, Issue 25


CyberCulture not Cyber Safety

Teachers and parents are too often trying to scare their students/children into being aware of the dangers of a world that they often not very little about. This presentation looks at how Strathcona has been running a CyberCulture program from Years 4 to 10 to help encourage wise digital citerzinship.

Article – The Age News paper July 2010

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ePortfolios for learning

Learning portfolios have been around for years, the different now is that that they can be securely managed as online tools for instant access by students, teachers and parents – for free. This presentation looks at how all Year 5 to 12 studnets at Strathcona have been set up with ePortfolios via Wikispaces.

ArticleOnline Digital Portfolios – The Strathcona Experience, infonet, The Journal of the Victorian Information Technology Teachers Associations Inc, April/May 2010

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