If I was asked who are our local leaders of the Church I would think of the Archbishop and other spiritual giants across all church denominations, I probably don’t automatically think of my mother in this role; but I should.

Merrill Kitchen has been my mother since 1968. As well as being the mother of 3, grandmother of 8, daughter of 1 and wife of 1 very busy ex-surgeon and amateur theologian himself, Merrill has managed to have a successful Science career, worked overseas as a missionary, an outstanding teaching career as a theologian, Dean of the Melbourne College of Divinity and she recently retired after serving for 10 years as the Principal of the Churches of Christ Theological College.

I rarely get to see my mother in action preaching and teaching, but this month she has been the theologian in residence at the church I attend Collins Street Baptist.  I had the privileged of helping lead one of the services and very much enjoyed seeing my Mother in action.



Teaching one of my songs


Merrill’s topic for the four weeks has been Reviewing the Gospel of Luke Through Contemporary Eyes.


Merrill at the pulpit



My Dad Paul, Me & Merrill



Merrill  (Sun 7/10/10) on Rachel Kohn’s ‘The Spirit of Things’ program ‘What makes a Saint?’ on Radio National on a hour-long program entitled pre-recorded for the day of Mary McKillop’s canonisation

The initial 5 minute interview of Merrill – start 24mins from the end (about half way through) to 19 mins from the end, then at 2mins 40secs  mins from end she gives a surprising answer to an unexpected question.

Merrill on ABC Radio 774 5th September, John Cleary’s program ‘Spirit Matters – Australian Spirituality and Well Being

Panelists also included Dr Philip Hughes (Australian Christian Research Association), and Rev. Isabel Greenall (Uniting Church Minister from Geelong)

Merrill comes in about a quarter-way through following a great statement by Isabel on the relevance of the church and faith today.