Every now and then there comes a week in the life of a teacher that you know will stay with you for a long time. I’ve just has such a week.

This amazing week began towards the end of my weekly Tuesday night Year 11 & 12 Multimedia class. I had set the students a task to start a 1 minute video presentation based on the horrific flooding in Pakistan. Their job was to gather a range of quotes, statements, facts and images from the Internet and compile them together with some music from GarageBand into a 1 minute video presentation using Final Cut.

In the process of introducing the task, one of the students confessed that she had no idea what was happening in Pakistan and soon after the class started the initial research, they all agreed that something needed to be done to raise more awareness.

Within 24 hours of this class we had approached our Chaplain Miss Carr and our Principal Mrs Hughes with the idea of having a casual clothes day, special School assembly and fund-raising stalls for World Vision’s Pakistan’s appeal.

The support of the whole School community was amazing. Many Year 10 students promised to make things for the stall, parents emailed their support, staff offered to help in any way possible. Like many schools, social service activities within classes and year levels is a common focus at Strathcona, but this event captured the attention of the whole School in a significant way.

I was so impressed with the attitude of the students and the support they were getting, I contacted the CEO of World Vision Australia, Rev Tim Costello (who happens to be my Uncle) to let him know what was happening. He was in Malaysia at the time and said that if all all possible he would like to visit the School to thank them for there efforts and let them know what the funds would go towards. Within a couple of days of negotiation, Tim Costello’s visit was confirmed.
The day itself was a huge success. The multimedia students set up a multi-camera live feed of Rev Costello’s address to the school and showed off their very stirring presentations. It was an inspiring experience of awareness raising and a learning experience that the multimedia studenst and many others will remember for a long time. Most importantly, Strathcona managed to raise a considerable amount for the World Vision Pakistan appeal.

I had the opportunity to thank the School community for their support and mentioned that my philosophy of good learning is all about making meaningful connections, no matter what subject you study or teach. This was a classic example of connections being made through a range of disciplines and media. Not only meaningful for the students directly involved but also for rest of the School community.

Tim Kitchen

Rev Tim Costello addressing the School

Tim Costello with the 2010 Strathcona Captains

Tim Costello and Tim Kitchen

Sarah’s Pakistan clip

Britt’s clip

Click here to watch all the multimedia clips as well as Tim Costello’s and my message. You will need to contact me for the password as some of the images are not for the general public.