LAX Welcome

I haven’t been to the USA since I was a teenager so it was a surreal experience arriving at the very busy Los Angeles International Airport and soaking in the sites and sounds of the country that dominates our TV screens.

Being the middle of Summer, it was nice to escape the cold of Melbourne’s winter. The temperature in LA was high 20s and quite humid. The unique thing about arriving at LA and connecting to my San Jose flight was the transit bus that weaved it’s way around taxiing airplanes to get to the appropriate terminal.



I’m glad the planes had right of way

Arriving in San Jose on a Saturday was also a surreal experience. Even though it is one of the largest cities in the USA, the city centre was very quiet. My hotel is a short walk from the Adobe World Headquarters which is one of the largest buildings in San Jose. To help stay awake I went for a walk around the city.

Here are some images of the very impressing Adobe World Headquarters.

I managed to stay up till about 9pm and I’m looking forward to meeting the US Adobe Education Leaders at tomorrow’s ‘unconference’.