Online & free

Wednesday 30th September

Open to all educators – Primary, Secondary & Higher.

Theme – Improving Education Following COVID-19

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8.30 AM (AEST) to 10.30 AM – Hear from the Global Adobe in Education Team.

  • Dr Tim Kitchen – Adobe Senior Education Specialist (APAC)
  • Clara Galan – Community Leader, Adobe Education
  • Ben Forta – Adobe Senior Director of Education Initiatives
  • Tanya Avrith – Adobe Education Evangelist
  • Matt Neimitz – Adobe Education Exchange Product Manager
  • Dr Brian Johnsrud – Education Curriculum Strategy Lead at Adobe
  • Tacy Trowbridge – Global Education Programs Lead, Adobe
  • Garima Babbar – Head Programs – Education and Skill Development at Adobe, India.

Creative Catalyst Talks

10.30 AM (AEST) to 1.00 PM

  • David Dodds from USA – The new virtual classroom
  • Chiho Nakagawa from Japan – Raise Independent Learners
  • Monique Gaudin from USA – Using Adobe Spark to quickly create elements to enhance the branding, content and appeal of your online class.
  • Joel Aarons from Victoria Department of Education & Traning – Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity in Primary Years
  • Adrian Bruch from SAE Melbourne – Using Adobe Acrobat to do reflective journals as part of a creative practice
  • Brett Kent from NSW Department of Education – Fun Activity break
  • Diana Keeler from USA – At Home or In the Classroom: Teaching Tips Learned from Quarantine
  • Dr Max Schleser from Swinburne Uni – Exploring limitations as a creative opportunity
  • Abhimanyu Basu from India – Our journey as a school during COVID 19
  • Chris Betcher from Google Education – Always Learning

Online Workshop options

2.00 PM (AEST) to 5.00 PM

Session 1
  • Illustrator & Dimension with Steve Nichols (from Adobe)
  • Animate with Brian Chau (from Adobe)
  • Photoshop Tips & Tricks with Chris Betcher (AEL Emeritus)
  • Substance & Mixamo with Alwyn Hunt (from Adobe)
  • Premiere Pro – production workflow with Craig Daalmeijer-Power (AEL)
  • Adobe Aero Workshop with Jason Lane (AEL)
  • Spark with Juliette Bentley (AEL)
  • Rush, a basic introduction with Joel Aarons (AEL)
  • Adobe Illustrator for beginners with Adrian Bruch (AEL)
  • XD with Mark Woszczalski (AEL)
  • Adobe Captivate basics with John Stericker (from Learning Plan)

Session 2

  • XD with Mark Woszczalski (AEL)
  • Rush with Joel Aarons (AEL)
  • Fresco with Brian Chau (from Adobe)
  • Illustrator & Dimension with Steve Nichols (from Adobe)
  • Photoshop with Chris Betcher (AEL Emeritus)
  • Character Animator – animate yourself with Craig Daalmeijer-Power (AEL)
  • Spark with Erin Raethke (AEL)
  • InDesign, the ins and outs with Michael Turner (AEL)
  • Acrobat DC – Save the Trees with Ross Johnson (AEL)
  • Captivate with John Stericker (from Learning Plan)
  • Communicating effectively with video by Jamie van Leeuwen (from ESPN)

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More information about the whole Summit (3 Day event) can be found here. Note that Day 1 & Day 3 are restricted but Day 2 is open to all educators.

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