Adobe at Monash


Adobe came to Monash today for a a great day of professional learning and active use engagements with a wide range of staff and students.


The day began with an Adobe Spark event involving a number of Education students. For most of them, it was their first time being exposed to the amazing Adobe Spark tools. It was so pleasing to see their smiles as they started creating and saw the possibilities of this software in action when they hit Victorian classrooms as future teachers.

The afternoon was spent with a number of Monash teachers from a range of faculties rotating through sets of the following workshops:

  • Creating podcasts using Adobe Audition
  • Design Thinking with Adobe XD
  • Video for Everyone with Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Storytelling using Adobe Spark

Special thank you to Adobe Solutions Consultant Anna Nakao for helping to organise this event and for Brian Chau and Matt Davis for their expertise in the workhops.

Adobe CC for Swinburne Students


There were some very excited Swinburne Science students who yesterday discovered that they will be getting the Adobe Creative Cloud next year, just because they are at Swinburne. This was recently announced by Adobe and Swinburne making the university Australian first Adobe Creative Campus, a program involving over 20 universities in the USA.

Click here to find out more.

One of the many events I do at Swinburne each year is a lecture to Science students to give them some tips and tricks on how to make their presentations more creative.

I am looking forward to many more engagements at Swinburne in 2020 to help them make the most of their new access to the amazing Creative Cloud applications.

One of the first Creative Campuses was The University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). Have a look at this video to see what they are been doing …






Adobe and Swinburne recently announced that all Swinburne student are soon to have full access to the teh



Injecting Creativity in NSW


On the morning of October 3, 2019 a group of NSW educators gave up a morning of their school holidays to work with a group of Adobe Education Leaders and Adobe Campus Leaders who had stayed on an extra day from the Adobe APAC Education Summit that was held two days prior.

About 50 educators registered for this event which involved a set of application tasters including Character Animator, Premiere Rush and Spark video followed by some small group deep-dives and then an overall wrap up session.


The first taster featured the Adobe Character Animator app based on real-time animation. This also included a taster on the Characterizer app that enabled the creation of a puppet based on a person’s image.

The second taster involved a look at the Adobe Premiere Rush video editing solution for phone, tablet, laptop & desktop.


The third taster involved a quick demo of Adobe Spark Video


The deep-dives involved a TeachMeet process where the AELs shared a passion of theirs and the teachers gravitated to what they were keen to learn.


A very special thank you to the Adobe Education Leaders and Campus Leaders who stayed on an extra night after the Summit to help us with this event.

What a Summit!


Wow! is the best way I can describe the last two days of inspiration, learning and hard fun. In total, 35 Adobe Education Leaders (AELs) and Adobe Campus Leaders (ACLs) from all over Australia, NZ (and one from the US) were at the 2019 APAC Adobe Education Summit face to face and (within 24hrs) over 600 teachers have viewed the live feed and recordings.

On Monday Sept 30, the Summit commenced with an opening reception dinner. This was a great opportunity to welcome the 13 members of the Adobe Edu leadership community who had never been to the Summit before.


Clara Galan from the Adobe Edu team in San Francisco welcoming Emma & Nena from New Zealand

It was also a great opportunity for some of Adobe’s senior management like Brent Irwin (Adobe’s Director – Digital Media, ANZ) to thank the teachers for the way they empowering their studenst  to be digitally literate and creativity with Adobe’s amazing tools that are in most schools.


Global overview of Adobe in Education

The first full day of activities started early on Tuesday October 1 with an overview of Adobe’s global education programs from Clara Galan as well as a live link to hear from Global Leader Tacy Trowbridge and Matt Niemitz who manages the Adobe Education Exchange out of the USA

Creative Catalyst Talks

We then commenced a series of amazing Creative Catalyst Talks from some of our AELs & ACLs. The first set involved the following topics:

The second set of Creative Catalyst talks featured:

  • Emma WiseKerikeri High School (NZ) & Adobe
  • Dean UtianSeeing differently through a cinematic lens
  • Jason CarthewFrom little things
  • Brett Kent – Creativity in an education that measures sameness

Workshops & Creative Jams

Following the Creative Catalyst Talks it was workshop time. Craig Daalmeijer-Power ran a session on Adobe Rush, Adobe Solution Consultant Jane Chen did a session on Adobe XD and Adobe Solution Consultant Brian Chau ran a session on Adobe Dimension.

The workshop sessions were in preparation for two coinciding Adobe Creative Jams, one based on building the design on an app with Adobe XD and the other to create a silent film with Adobe Rush. The teachers established small production groups and had about 3 hours to build their solutions in preparation for a showcase the next morning.


The Sydney Harbour Cruise

The evening of Day 1 involved a cruise & meal on the beautiful Sydney Harbour. This experience never fails to produce outstanding images …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 1 Summary from Rob & Dr A

Summit – Day 2

Day 2 of the Adobe APAC Education Summit commenced with a greeting from Christian Ridge, Adobe’s Head of Customer Success for APAC.


Then we moved into the Creative Jam showcase session where each of the Rush & XD groups shared what they produced the day prior.

Click here to see the results of the Creative Jam

David Dodds

Following  the showcase, our final Creative Catalyst Talk was from David Dodds who came all the way from Los Angeles, California to be with us in Sydney.


Product demos – Substance & Project Aero

Alwyn Hunt and Chris Hanson from Adobe joined us to demo the new range of Substance by Adobe tools and how they link nicely with Adobe’s Augmented reality offerings within Project Aero.

Click here to see the live recording of their presentation

STEAM Project

After the morning tea break, I had the great pleasure to interview Dr Bronwen Wade from Macquarie University. Dr Wade is an expert in creativity in education. From her PhD in this area she wrote the book Out of the Shadows which looks at lots of the research around the importance of teaching and encouraging creativity and the stages of creativity that can be worked through.


Tim’s poem – The Enemy of Creativity

More workshops

The rest of the day was based about a Character Animator workshop by AEL Craig Daalmeijer-Power  and a Mobile apps (including the new Adobe Fresco) by Adobe Solution Consultant Jane Chen.



Some of the comments on the feedback form about this event included …

  • Emma Wise’s Creative Catalyst Talk was a highlight – the works she showed by her students was excellent!
  • The opportunity to meet and collaborate with Adobe educators from across the world was the greatest highlight. There is something powerful about having so many creative, exciting educators in the same place a the same time. I have lots of new ideas and opportunities for the future – I can’t wait to put them into action.
  • The Adobe Substance and Aero demo was particularly great – I really appreciated the opportunity to ‘push’ myself beyond my current knowledge – workshops and demos at this level are difficult to get, so I really appreciated it.
  • Highlight for me was the catalyst talks and the cruise. As well as the new friendships and connections made.
  • Massive thank you for the opportunity to attend. It’s conferences like this that invigorate me again with my passion for education and my students.
  • The highlight was listening to Craig speak about his kick start program. I have discussed further with him and will go back and implement my own version locally in my region then state wide.
  • I enjoyed talks from the group and Adobe experts as it has given me lots of ideas to incorporate into my own practice and hopefully have a ripple effect on PD I run in the future.
  • The networking opportunities were a highlight. Being able to talk directly to others in similar workplaces in a face to face capacity cannot be underestimated. It has given me new ideas to take back to the workplace along with potential solutions.
  • The whole event was a magnificent experience. Really well structured days of learning along with fun events and amazing accommodation.
  • The creative jam was a wonderful experience as it involved collaboration, getting to know new people and producing something together.
  • The event was very well organised and had a good variety of talks, workshops and activities.
  • Michelle’s session was inspiring, as was Brett’s.
  • Craig and Eden gave excellent practical tips on using Adobe tools, and also in promoting the use of the tools for other teachers.
  • Craig ran an excellent workshop on Adobe Character Animator. I now feel more confident in using this tool.
  • David Dodds of course was inspiring. Much of his content I could personally relate to, and I have taken note of many of his inspiring ideas. Time to put them into practice!
  • The Creative Jam session was a lot of fun, and a very good way to get to know and work with other colleagues at the Summit. Thank you to Tim and Adobe for the wonderful hospitality.
  • The Creative Jam project was brilliant and allowed for authentic learning and team work. We loved the practical work and networking.
  • Creative Jam was thrilling, getting to know the fantastic community and becoming a part of it, excellent structure and organization of the event, 100% engagement and participation, getting to know Adobe up-close and personal and wonderful Adobe Team members from US, Melbourne & Sydney, finding out about excellent Adobe products, resources and seeing how they are being used by top professionals & educators. INSPIRING
  • I really enjoyed the creative jam, getting us to work under pressure sort of lifted the game. Was REALLY impressed by the Adobe Substance.
  • Fantastic collaborations in these two days of workshops at the Adobe APAC Summit 2019-especially enjoyed learning about Adobe Rush & Character Animator and latest software such as Adobe Fresco. Cool meeting new friends David Dodds- from across the world and thanks Dr Tim Kitchen for his humour, organisation and making learning fun!
  • Looking forward to interacting with new friends more and learning Adobe products so I can teach them in primary education K-6 as well as adult and teacher education at university and TAFE.
  • The opportunity to have face to face discussions with educators from around the globe has been a real highlight I have really enjoyed being able to bounce ideas of others who work in different environments.
  • Being able to share my students work and then gathering feedback from other educators to take back to them has been awesome – such an amazing opportunity to have their work viewed outside of our small community, thank you!
  • Thank you for the invitation and for providing the opportunity for those of us outside of Australia to attend this event, it has been such amazing professional learning.
  • Working collaboratively at the Summit is always amazing, but was even better this year with a creative aspect.
  • Each year is a highlight that refills my creative soul and inspires my practice as an educator and a creative professional.
  • Thank you to Tim and the team for a fantastic event! I’m looking forward to future events!


Education Creativity Summit – This week

When AFL footballer Bachar Houli was asked yesterday how he felt after helping his team Richmond win the 2019 Premiership, he responded by stating how humbled and grateful he was to be part of a successful team. That is exactly how I feel about being involved with the Adobe in Education Leadership community in advance of this week’s APAC Adobe Education Summit.

Summit – live to air

Adobe Education Leaders and Adobe Campus Leaders from across Australia and New Zealand are gathering at the Adobe Sydney Office for two days of inspiration and challenge this week. Both morning sessions on the Tuesday and Wednesday Oct 1 & 2 (starting at 8.30AM AEST) will be broadcast live via Vimeo Livestream for all educators to tune into for free via –


Adobe Education Exchange

The Adobe in Education Leadership community involves the pinnacle users of the Adobe Education Exchange which welcomed its 700,000th member earlier this year. Continuing the AFL theme, that is 7 times more people than were at the MCG yesterday for the 2019 Grand Final between Richmond and Greater Western Sydney.

If you are not already a member, please join this free portal of resources, tutorials, courses and discussions for educators who are interested in using Adobe tools to enhance creativity and productivity in their classrooms. As you use the Exchange, you earn points and once you have gained 300 points you qualify to potentially become an Adobe Campus Leader (ACL).

Adobe Campus Leaders

You don’t have to be an expert in any particular Adobe application to be an ACL. You do need to be a passionate educator, willing to regularly share your interest in digital literacy and creativity with your colleagues and students in K12 &/or Higher Education. ACLs are in regular contact with Adobe, they are asked to help run and support education events and in return for their contribution, they get free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud applications. ACLs who prove to have an influence wider than their own school or facility can potentially be nominated to be an Adobe Education Leader (AEL).

Adobe Education Leaders

AELs are at the highest level of Adobe’s Education Leadership Community. Not only do they get the same benefits as an ACL, they also have NDA status with Adobe allowing them access to beta applications and information about future Adobe applications and services before they are public.

Please tune-in online this Tuesday morning Oct 1 at 8.30 AM (AEST) via to see what this international education community is all about as they strive to empower the next generation to be lifelong digital creatives.


Creative Jam at Swinburne


On Tuesday 17th September 2019, Swinburne University in Melbourne hosted an Adobe Creative Jam on with a number of their Design students and others interested  in developing their skills with Adobe Experience Design (Adobe XD).

Design at the speed of thought

17-9-19_Adobe_Workshop_Swinburne_University_Melbourne (157)

Adobe Solution Consultant Brian Chau ran a bootcamp on Adobe XD to help those who had little experience and to also provide tips and tricks for those who were experienced usres.


Then we provided the students with the brief for the challenge which was …

To design a platform to connect students and staff at Swinburne to resources on campus and/or in the broader community.

The the students broke into small design groups to work on their solutions.

After about 2.5 hours of planning and designing with XD, each group was asked to present their amazing solutions to a panel of judges who were looking for the following criteria:

  • How did they meet the brief
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Level of detail
  • Design
  • Usability
  • Presentation solution

Some great prizes were awarded to the winning teams.

Congratulations to all the students involved in this Adobe Creative Jam. Special thanks to Ravi Bessabava and his team, from the Design Factory at Swinburne and Anna Nakao, Sasha McQuade and Brian Chau from Adobe  for putting this event together.

17-9-19_Adobe_Workshop_Swinburne_University_Melbourne (1)

Injecting Creativity at Korowa


Korowa Anglican Girl’s School in Melbourne’s East hosted an Inject Creativity into the Curriculum event on Monday 16th September.


About 20 teachers from a range of curriculum areas took part including some mathematics teachers who were keen to see what Adobe had to help them deliver their content.


A special thank you goes to Adobe Education Leader Justin de Lacy from Woodleigh School who ran a workshop session on Premiere Pro for teachers who were looking to go further with their video production skills.

Other Adobe applications that were covered during this event included:

  • Character Animator
  • Photoshop
  • Spark Video
  • Spark Post
  • Spark Page &
  • Premiere Rush

Feedback comments included:

  • A highlight was Learning about Spark was very interesting. I can see how this could easily integrate into the classroom.
  • Great day of presentations. Well done Tim.
  • A highlight included learning about character animator – a resource my students would enjoy
  • A highlight was learning about how easy it is to create videos.
  • Thank you for a very engaging session.
  • A highlight was learning how to navigate Adobe Premier
  • Was a fantastic day – learnt heaps
Resources from this event can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –

Student sessions

During the day at Korowa, I had the pleasure of working with a number of students and teachers with a focus on Spark, Premiere Pro & Photoshop.