My new desk at the Melbourne Adobe office

It’s Friday 5th July 2013 and I’ve just finished my second day at my new job at Adobe and, as you can see by the above image, I’m starting to feel at home. It has been (and will continue to be) a big learning curve. Lots of new systems and peoples names to learn, new ways to work etc. Very exciting!

I haven’t worked in an open plan office area since my early years at Strathcona. I’m enjoying the collaborative nature of the environment. There are some very talented and creative people around me in all sorts of areas from video production to marketing and sales. Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive.

My direct manager is based in San Francisco and she is on Independence Day holidays till next week so I am looking forward to catching up with her next week.

Adobe’s Melbourne office is on the 10th floor of the St Kilda Rd Towers and the facilities are outstanding. Large gym, food court, restaurants, medical facilities, hairdressers etc. In the Adobe tea room there is an endless supply of soft drink, snacks, fruit and soup. This YouTube clip shows off some of the facilities and views.

In July and August I will be working in Perth, Sydney and California and it looks like there is a trip to New Zealand in September. Most of my work is about encouraging educators to enhance their creativity, something I am very passionate about so it’s going to be an exciting journey.

Keep in touch with my progress via Twitter.

My new Adobe email address is