Current Leadership Experience

  • Director of Learning Technologies Strathcona BGGS
  • Vice President of VITTA (Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association)
  • Coordinator of Building Bridges (Eastern Region) Interfaith Dialogue in Melbourne Schools. Recently appointed as Director of Building Bridges as of 2013
  • Manager of STV (Strathcona Television)
  • Coordinator of the Strathcona staff ICT PD Program
  • Chair of Collins Street Baptist Church Multimedia Development Committee
  • Mentor for the Strathcona Staff Professional Standards Scheme


  • Strathcona Medal Committee (Chair)
  • Strathcona ICT Initiatives (Chair)
  • Strathcona ICT Policy Group
  • Strathcona CyberCulture Group
  • Strathcona Curriculum Committee
  • Strathcona Heads of Department
  • Building Bridges Steering Committee
  • Australian Christian Multimedia Steering Committee
  • VITTA (Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association)

Small business responsibilities

Previous Leadership Experience

  • Year 10 Coordinator Strathcona BGGS (2005-2008)
  • Coordinator of Multimedia Production Strathcona BGGS
  • Head of Burrows House Carey BGGS (1998-2000)
  • Junior School Internet and Intranet Administrator (1998-2000)
  • Member of the Carey Medal Committee (1998-2003) Chairman in 2000
  • Chairman of Carey Junior School Computer Interest Group (1998-2000)
  • Member of the Carey Heads of House Committee (1998-2000)
  • Member of the Carey Web Site Committee (1998-2000)
  • Conductor of the Carey Junior School Concert Band (1996 – 1999)
  • Conductor of the Carey Junior Blues Band (1996)
  • Accompanist for the Carey Year 3&4 Choir 1997 to 1999
  • Accompanist for the Carey Junior School Musicals 1997/8
  • House Coordinator of Kingswood College Brunning House
  • Pastoral Care Teacher @ Kinswood Year 8 (1993), Year 7 (1994), Year 8/9 (1995)
  • Writer/Director of Kingswood School Production 1992
  • Music Director of Kingswood School Production 1993
  • Writer/Director of Kingswood School Production 1994
  • Assisted with Rock Eisteddfod 1993
  • Coaching and umpiring the following sports from Year 5 to Year 9: cricket, softball, netball, ten pin bowling, athletics, cross country, volleyball, swimming, squash (winning 5 Premierships and 4 runners up). Teacher of Physical Education to Year 8 (1995)
  • The Kingswood Curriculum Planning in Junior School Committee (1993 – 1995)
  • The Kingswood Curriculum Planning Transition Committee (1994 – 1995)
  • The Kingswood Salaries and Conditions sub Committee (1995)
  • Secretary of the Kingswood Middle School Discipline Policy Committee (1996)

Past Community and Overseas Responsibilities

  • Member of the Diaconate at Bulleen Baptist Church (1991 – 1993)
  • Camp Director with Scripture Union Victoria (1991 – 1997)
  • Member of the Scripture Union Camps Committee (1991 – 1997)
  • Sunday School Coordinator at Bulleen Baptist Church (1991 – 1993)
  • Director of ‘What on Earth’ Award winning children’s TV show on Optus Local Vision and Channel 31
  • Chairman of the committee for the Youth Awareness Project for the City of Doncaster and Templestowe. An inter-denominational committee organised to deal with the issue of Youth Suicide through an open rally at Doncaster High School. John Smith was the main speaker, it was endorsed by the Manningham City Council the School of World Mission and Peter Garret.
  • 1990/91: Team leader on a work party to the Nazareth Hospital in Israel. This work party was held during the Christmas holiday. A team of 30 people from churches around Victoria provided unskilled labour to a small mission hospital that service the 55,000 Palestinian Arabs of Nazareth. This was my fifth trip to the hospital since I lived there as a child in the early 1970’s. This particular work party was an extra challenge as it was held at the commencement of the Gulf War.
  • 1989/90: Teaching with Scripture Union England. I took 6 months off my Diploma of Teaching course to work with Scripture Union in England. I taught Religious Instruction with various teams in a number of schools throughout England and Wales and lead on several camps.
  • 1989/90: Work party to Nazareth Israel. On Christmas Day 1989 I was part of a party of 30 young people from churches around Victoria who volunteered their time to conduct maintenance work at the Nazareth Hospital in Israel.

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