Design Thinking is a technique that can be used to lift the thinking and creativity of your students. It’s a structure to help creatively explore and solve problems.

Design thinking provides a tool kit and guide to help students and teachers approach creative problem-solving.

The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University in California, commonly known as the, came up with 5 main steps to help apply a deign thinking process to solve a problem

1- Empathise

To understand and empathise with the users/stakeholders and establish what they are interested in and concerned about.

2 – Define

Defining and understanding the problem that you are aiming to solve to ensure that it is actually a problem.

3 – Ideate

Coming up with a whole lot of different solution options.

4 – Prototype

Building a potential solution that can be tested.

5 Test

Testing the solution with the users.