Plea (2MB)

You Can’t Dance (5MB)

Ghouls (4MB)

Hannah Pho is a rising star in the music industry.

I first met Hannah before she was born when I was a young music teacher at Kingswood College in the early 1990s. Hannah’s three older sisters Miriam, Phoebe and Naomi were all star music students of mine in their early primary years while baby Hannah watched, learned and imitated from side lines.

The Pho girls and I regularly performed together and recorded a number of songs throughout the 1990s.

Hannah’s parent’s Samuel & Donni Pho are senior Salvation Army officers, previously in charge of the Box Hill Chinese corp and currently responsible for managing the Salvation Army in China.

I have kept in touch with the Pho family over the years. It has been a privilege to see them all grow up into wonderful young women. Miriam and Phoebe are now well established as teachers, Miriam teaching Science at MLC and Phoebe returning to her old school Kingswood College where she is currently the Prep teacher. Naomi has just finished university and Hannah is aiming to get into the music industry.

It was lovely to spend some time with Hannah over the past few weeks in the Strathcona recording studio producing three of her songs Plea, You Can’t Dance & Ghouls. Hannah is hoping that these songs will help her reach her dreams.

Hannah is a very talented singer and songwriter. Feel free to download and enjoy these tracks and keep an eye and ear out to support this wonderful new talent.

Part of the new digital recording gear in the STV Studio at Strathcona.