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It was a bit more civilised this morning, didn’t have breakfast till 7am. Every other morning it was a 6.30 am start. Following breakfast our team put the final touches to their presentation, here is the video we made.

I got to shoot with a Nikon D800 SLR – very cool!

Just outside the presentation area, Apple organised an Irish “Candy Store” to be set up and each delegate received a very sweet show bag.

A sweet way to finish the conference

Our presentation went really well. I managed to teach all 250 participants to say G’day correctly.

Following the presentations, we had a Hurling demonstration from local Irish Hurling experts.

Us Aussies taught the others the finer points of Aussie Rules

James Humberstone from MLC in Sydney demonstrating the drop punt

The big finally to the conference started with a tour and dinner at Fota House on the same island as the Fota resort. This beautiful house was established in the early 1800s and became an entertainment centre for Royalty and the aristocracy of Europe.

Fota House

The dining room

Drinks and dinner in the gardens

Shawn & Fraser – the first two educators to have introduced 1:1 iPads into their respective schools. Shawn in Australia & Fraser in the UK

The rest of the evening was a big party back at the resort.




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