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The flight from Singapore was great because there was a free seat next to me, so much more comfortable. I managed to get the sleep that I wanted as well as watch some more episodes of Modern Family.

I arrived at Heathrow at 6am and wasn’t able to have access to my hotel room till 2pm so I spent the day touring London.

My hotel was in Kensington so, after leaving my bags, I first walked to Kensington Palace, a popular accommodation for the British Royals over the years.

I couldn’t believe the weather, sunny and warm. Shorts, T’shirts, a hat and sunglasses were required – it was like a warm Melbourne spring day.

Princess Di loved this garden

I walked through the Kensington gardens and virtually circumnavigated Hyde Park. By then I was getting sore feet so decided to take one of the famous double decker (open air) tours through the streets of London. Here were some of the highlights …

Sherlock Holmes’ Underground Stop – Baker Street Station

Madam Tussauds – very popular

Trafalgar Square

Westminster House from Westminster Bridge

London Eye

I went on foot again to take a closer look around this iconic area of London

Big Ben Tower – now called Elizabeth Tower

Westminster Abby

Not sure if the PM and his family were home

Part of the tour included a free trip up the Thames

a better look at the London Eye from the Thames

The real (but not original) London Bridge, the original fell down

London Tower Bridge

I left the river cruse at this point to get a closer look at the Tower of London

Tower of London

Then I joined another bus tour with the same company (it’s a 24hr ticket, might as well make the most of it) and headed to Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Residence

After exploring the palace on foot I joined another tour headed to my hotel after a big day of exploring London.

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