By Sarah B (2011 Strathcona Media Leader)

On Tuesday the 15th of March 2011, Jo Stanley from Fox FM’s Matt & Jo show traveled to the leafy suburb of Canterbury to visit Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School, paired with a film crew and the Strathcona Uniform Jo came to see what life at Strathcona is like today compared to when she was here as a student 20 years ago. ‘We thought it would be just a bit of fun to come back to our school and put ourselves back in that place that is sort of a vague memory…you’d be amazed as soon as you walk in everything is really vivid, terrifyingly’ she laughs.

Jo & Crew with Mrs Hughes & Dr Kitchen

Jo took the day to visit old teachers as well as tour the school to see just how much it had really change. Jo and her crew from Fox FM began her walk of nostalgia at the music studio in which she was able to reconnect with her past music teacher Georgina Nagy. As her once music teacher shares some old photographs with Jo, she comments, ‘it was my favorite time year 12’. As she joins the class, it almost appears as if time has not passed. Jo continued the day mingling with different girls about their favorite music and Facebook, visiting from class to class such as year eleven Biology and year 12 English.


Jo doing music dictation with Ms Nagy her music teacher

But is clear that Jo’s discovery to see how Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School has changed in 20 years came out which more a lot more similarities than expected, ‘the body of the school which is the girls are the same…it just a very lovely warm atmosphere, and that’s why I love every day that i was here, it was always a great encouraging environment’. envy she states ‘but what is different is the buildings, very fancy, and there are so many more of them, everything’s much more spacious’. Jo concludes her day meeting with her past principal Mr. Lyall and the present principal Mrs. Helen Hughes highlighting how time has changed since she last left the school.


Jo meets up with Mr Lyall, her former Principal

Jo and Mrs Hughes, the current Strathcona Principal

Jo being interviewed in the STV studio