Catching up with Jane

Teaching can be a thankless job at times but every so often a special moment occurs to make you realise that it is all worthwhile and that you are making a difference.

I recently received an email from a student who I taught when I was a primary teacher at Carey Baptist Grammar School in the 1990s. She is now a Primary Teacher in NSW and, while looking for resources to help her use iPads in her teaching, she came across my website.

Here is what she wrote …

Hi Mr K,

(Or should that be Dr K now?!)

Hopefully you remember who I am, although I don’t blame you if you’ve forgotten as it’s been thirteen(!) years since I was in your Year 4 class.

I just wanted to say hello after I accidentally stumbled across your website earlier in the week. I’m now a primary teacher myself and was looking online for ways to use iPads in the classroom and lo and behold, I found you! I remember technology being a huge part of my experience in your class and it’s great to see that you’re just as passionate about it now as I remember you being in 1999.

Thanks for providing so many great ideas about technology and learning, and on a much more personal note, thank you for being such a great teacher! Believe it or not, you played a large part in my decision to pursue teaching as a career and I hope that my students end up having great memories of their time at school just as I have of my time at Carey...

Makes you stop and realise what sort of impact a teacher can have years down the track. Makes you stop and realise that every interaction you have with a student can potentially have an impact in their lives.

What a privilege it is to be involved in education.

2000pic This is what I looked like when I taught at Carey.[/caption