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According to the World Health organization, most health care-associated infections are preventable through good hand hygiene. So you should wash your hands regularly and always after going to the toilet and before you eat. Washing your hand properly involves a number of steps.

01 Clean Hands

You should always wash your hands after going to the toilet and before you eat.

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Step 1

Wet your hands for 5 seconds then turn off the tap to save water

02 wet hands


Step 2

Apply soap

03 soap


Step 3

Rub palms for 5 seconds

04 palms

Step 4

Rub fingers for 5 seconds

05 fingers


Step 5

Scrub your fingernails for 5 seconds on each hand

06 fingernails


Step 6

Rub the back of your hands

07 back hands

Step 7

Wash each of your thumbs

08 thumbs


Step 8

Wash both wrists

09 wrists


Step 9

Turn on tap with your elbow or a towel and rinse off the soap

10 rinse


Step 10

Turn off the tap with a towel or elbow

11 tap


Step 11

Dry your hands


12 dry


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Piece to camera 3


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