Flipping Your Classroom with Adobe – DLTV Workshop

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The first of a series of Flipping Your Classroom with Adobe sessions was a great success yesterday. This session was hosted by DLTV (Digital Learning & Teaching Victoria).


The Flipped Classroom approach is where the bulk of the instructional content is delivered outside of the classroom usually for homework and usually via streamed video. This allows for more engagement with curriculum content & concepts in class (such as skill development, and project work) with a collaborative approach facilitated by the classroom teacher.

After going through some theory and research behind the Flipped approach we did a workshop on Adobe Presenter which I consider the easiest tool to use to create a quality video sequence.


The rest of the day was spent developing video literacy skills in pre-production (planning), production (filming) and post production (editing). The main video editing tool used was Adobe Premier Pro CC which, even though is an industry standard, it can be used basic editing from about Grade 4 upwards.

Keep checking the events section of the DLTV website for the opportunity to be involved in future Flipping Your Classroom with Adobe workshops.