Adobe Education Leadership Community Nth American Summit 2017 – Summary

It has been just over a week now since the 2017 Adobe Education Leadership Community Nth American Summit commenced. I’m back in Australia, everyone else is back in their home states and countries but I suggest that we are all still living off the wonderful experience we enjoyed at the Adobe Head Office in San Jose, California.

This video, hosted by Remy Mansfield, summarises what we experienced. Please enjoy …


Adobe Education Leadership Community Nth American Summit 2017 – Day 2


Day 2 of the 2017 Adobe Education Leadership Community Nth American Summit was packed with many great opportunities to learn and network.

The day began with an address my Mark Rupert, Senior Director – Adobe Education. Mark outlined some of Adobe’s current and future directions in the Education space. Both Mark, Remy Mansfield and Matt Niemitz confirmed Adobe’s commitment to the AEL program and thanked everyone for their commitment to help inspire and empower the next generation to be lifelong creators.



This was followed by a series of 5- minute presentations by AELs beginning with Andy Phelps’ session titled – Learn Production by Doing Production.


Judy Durkin did an Adobe Spark  session titled – Students Grade Students.


Penny Ann Dolin’s session was titled Learning to See Photographically.


Mark Martin’s session was titled Preparing Learners for Life Long Creativity


Ann Bown-Crawford did a presentation titled Student Voice + Digital Arts = Leadership/Social Change


Dan Armstrong’s session was titled Engaging with people to create positive change


Mark Shufflebottom did a session titled Quick tips to boost creativity in the classroom


Then we moved into the following Creative Classroom Workshops run by the AELs such as …

  • Virtual Interviews: Comparing and Contrasting Communities through video (Meredith Blache and Kathryn Riley)

  • Start Smart – Tips for a Successful InDesign Book Project (Kathy St. Amant)

  • Focus on the Process (Kevin Brandon)

  • The Energy Bus (Dan Armstrong)

  • Cinematic Interactives with Animate CC (Joseph Labrecque)

  • The Paradox of Purpose and Perfection (Rob Schwartz)

  • Make it on Mobile: Concept idea using Mobile apps. Seamless collaboration (Chana Messer)

  • Integrating VR / AR and next generation storytelling into your classroom

  • 3D The New Future Of Digital Creativity (Stephen Burns)

  • Personalized Learning in the Digital BioLab (Robert Simpson)

  • Adobe XD: UI and UX Simplified (Matthijs Clasener)

  • Curation, Collaboration, and Design (an SFMOMA/CAST Young Curators Project) – Jeff Larson

  • Instructional Design and Creativity in Online Classrooms (Deila Bumgardner)

  • Mobile Photography and Creativity on the Go (Nicole Dalesio)



Here are some images from the Summit dinner held at the The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose …

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Adobe Education Leadership Community Nth American Summit – Day 1

The 2017 Adobe EDU Leadership Community Summit started today at the Adobe Headquarters in San Jose, California.


About 40 AELs from the US, Canada, the UK and Europe as well as a large representation of  Adobe employees linked to education have registered to be part of this year’s Summit which has returned to San Jose.

Day 1 was about reuniting with the new look Adobe Mother Ship each other as well as meeting new members of the community through an optional maker-space event we called the Creative Recess. As you can see from this image below, we have a packed program ahead of us.


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One of the highlights was seeing vector images from Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Capture being converted into wooden carvings using a 3D Printer style drill box called a Carvey.

Another highlight was a seeing the sun go down during a BBQ outside the main Adobe Cafeteria area.


Here are some images of Day 1 …

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We are all looking forward to the rest of the Summit.


ECAWA Conference – 2017

The 2017 Educational Computing Association of Western Australia (ECAWA) Conference was held last Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th of June at Edith Cowan University in Perth. The following video is from a series of short interviews I filmed at the event.

It was personally great to see so many of the Adobe Education Leadership community involved in this conference either as a presenter or on the organising committee.

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Adobe Professional Learning in Perth


About 35 teachers from 30 different Perth schools visited Shenton College last Thursday 22nd June for a special after school Adobe in Education professional learning session. The focus of this session was Adobe Spark and each of the teachers built a variety of Spark products with both the browser and the iOS versions of all three Spark Apps.

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Special thanks to Adobe Education Leader and Shenton College teacher Drew Mayhills for helping to organise this event. The resources I shared for this event are all available on the Adobe Education Exchange via –


Sparking Science @ Shenton College, WA


Shenton College is a large co-educational public secondary school located in Shenton Park, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. On Thursday 22nd June, Drew Mayhills, Shenton’s Technology Innovation Coordinator (and Adobe Education Leader) invited me to work with a Year 9 Science class to explore how Adobe Spark could help them construct their learning.


Shenton College science teacher Mr Matthews, was keen for the students to revise a range of scientific terms for their up and coming assessment. Together, we used Spark post for the students to build posters about each of the terms.

The next stage of this lesson was to ask the students to build story videos with Adobe Spark Video that featured each other’s posters.

A particular highlight for me was working with two deaf girls and their translators as well as one boy Tom who is high on the autism scale. All three students took to the Sparks apps like a fish to water. Mr Matthews told me that this was the most he has ever seen Tom engaged in a lesson. Tom did a special Spark post just for me …


It was lovely to work with these students and teachers at Shenton College and share with them the educational power of the free Adobe Spark tools.

Creativity in the West


It is such a pleasure to be in Perth this week in Western Australia. After flying in from Melbourne yesterday afternoon, I raced to a professional learning event hosted by The Association of Independent Schools (AISWA).

For many of the teachers, it was an introduction to the Adobe Spark products. It is always inspiring to see how these free products are accepted by educators and hear about the many ways they intend to use them to enhance creative learning experiences in their classrooms.


We also went through some Photoshop techniques, how to build a website with Adobe Muse as well as some Premiere Pro video basics.

Most importantly we looked at a wide range of resources for the teachers to take away and share with their colleagues and students. The slide resources for this event are available on the Adobe Education Exchange via –

Special thank you to the wonderful Jan Clarke and her team at AISWA for helping to make this event possible.