Adobe in Education Update – September, 2020

APAC Adobe in Education Summit

We are about 1 week away from the 2020 APAC Adobe in Education Summit and we would like to highlight Day 2 (Wednesday 30th September) a free and online event for all educators in K-12 and Higher. Click here for information on this day. Click here for information on the whole Summit event.

Inject Creativity Live

Join us live this Wednesday 23rd September for an Inject Creativity Live event that will feature Peter Hutton and Jen Buchanan from the Future Schools Alliance.

This will be the last Inject Creativity Live event until Oct 21 when we move to a fortnightly format.

Adobe Max

Usually a very expensive event in LA, this year Adobe Max is free and online from October 21 – 23 (APAC dates).  Make plans to join us for a uniquely immersive and engaging digital experience, guaranteed to inspire. Three full days of luminary speakers, celebrity appearances, musical performances, global collaborative art projects, and 350+ sessions — and all at no cost.

Adobe Creative Educators Program

In July, Adobe launched the Adobe Creative Educators program which is aimed to help teachers continue to develop their digital communication and creativity skills. Designed for educators in every subject area and sector, members will receive free lessons and resources to spark creativity with students, in addition to special events with other like-minded educators and the Adobe team. Encourage your colleagues to join.

The new Creativity for All course on the Adobe Education Exchange is a prerequisite for the Adobe Creative Educators Program, especially if you were not already an active member of the AEL or ACL program. This free course is about understanding the power of creativity, why it matters, and how to leverage it in your teaching helps prepare students with 21st Century skills they need to succeed. 

Digital learning and Teaching Victoria

Adobe is an industry partner with Digital learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV). 

Click here to access the current DLTV Member’s Journal, due to COVID they are providing it to educators as a free resource focused on remote learning. Take special note of the article on pages 16-19. 

DLTV are also offering free membership and DigiTech Community Grants just visit their website. 

All DLTV’s webinars are free and available at their YouTube channel

Australasian Adobe Education Community Facebook Group

Click here to join the Australasian Adobe Education Community Facebook Groupand get first hand updates on the Adobe in Education program.

Keep being creative!

Inject Creativity Live – 16 September 2020

We had a wonderful Inject Creativity Live event last night with Tanya Moran form Mentone Girls Grammar and Mark Christie form the Northern Territory Department of Education.

You can access the chat-show from the YouTube link above and watch the Deeper-dive event via:

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Spark at Mentone Girls Grammar with Tanya Moran
Chapter 3 – APAC Summit Ad
Chapter 4 – Adobe in Northern Territory with Mark Christie
Chapter 5 – Adobe Character Animator demo
Chapter 6 – Resources

Video literacy at Our Lady of Mercy

I had the pleasure of working with a class of Year 9 students from Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College in Cronulla, NSW to help improve their video editing skills with Adobe Premiere Pro.

I wasn’t able to visit the school due to COVID-19 restrictions but we we organised a video link and, over two sessions, we went through the following video editing techniques:

1 – File Management
2 – Importing & working with bins
3 – In & Out editing (7 second rule)
4 – Transitions
5 – Titles
6 – Adding & editing audio (voice over & music)
7 – Audio effects
8 – Video animation (key framing)
9 – Colour Grading
10 – Green Screen keying
11 – Exporting for online & High Def

Video editing is a modern literacy that all students should learn. Just about every industry that involves communication is looking for people with video production skills. Adobe Premiere Pro is the ultimate video editing solution. It is used at the highest level of multimedia, TV and film making. A more simple solution is Premiere Rush and the simplest video editing application is Adobe Spark Video.

All things iOS and Adobe in Education

On Thursday 10th September Adobe Education Leader Eden Carey from Perth and I ran an event for schools who used iPads & iPhones called All things iOS and Adobe.

Eden Carey

This event involved about 60 members of the Apple Distinguished Educators network, Apple Professional Learning Specialists, Adobe Education Leaders and Adobe Creative Educators who teach with iOS devices.

The aim was to share the value of the main Adobe iOS applications being used by teachers to enhance creativity and digital literacy in classrooms around the globe.

Eden demonstrating the Photoshop Camera App

Click here to access the recording.

Key apps demonstrated during this event included:

  • Spark Video
  • Photoshop Camera
  • Aero
  • Fresco
  • Spark Post
  • Rush

Inject Creativity Live – 9 Sept

Here is the YouTube link to this week’s Inject Creativity Live Chat-show with Michael Turner and Paul McClean.

Click here to access the Deeper-dive event recording

  • Chapter 1 – Introductions
  • Chapter 2 – Michael Turner – InDesign interactivity
  • Chapter 3 – APAC Summit promo
  • Chapter 4 – Paul McClean
  • Chapter 5 – Resources

1 Minute Video Challenge at St Leo’s

Last Friday 4th September, about 30 students representing Year 8 to Year 12 at St Leo’s Catholic College took part in an Adobe 1-Minute Video Challenge.

This challenge is all about working with a team of students and teachers to create a 1 minute video in a day with the use of Adobe software (such as Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, After Effects, Character Animator, Aero & Photoshop) to help promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2015, the United Nations established 17 interconnected Sustainable Development Goals that need to be achieved by 2030 achieve a better future for our globe. Each goal addresses the following global challenges:

  • Poverty
  • Inequality
  • Climate change
  • Environmental degradation
  • Peace and
  • Justice

The St Leo’s students formed 5 groups and after I went over the criteria and some basic film making techniques, they created five x 1 minute films to help raise awareness of these goals.

Here is a video made by St Leo’s teacher Louie Tiglao about the students in action …

The last hour of the day involved exporting, sharing and judging the films. The judging involved a mix of peer judging and me judging. Here are the winning films …

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Inject Creativity Live – 2 Sept

Here is the YouTube link to yesterday’s Inject Creativity Live Chat-show.

Click here to access the Deeper-dive event recording

  • Chapter 1 – Introductions
  • Chapter 2 – Mark Woszczalski (After Effects basics)
  • Chapter 3 – APAC Summit promo
  • Chapter 4 – Clara Galan (Adobe Edu Community Programs)
  • Chapter 5 – Resources

Tribute to Sir Ken

This special edition Inject Creativity Live is a tribute to Sir Ken Robinson who sadly passed away on 21st August.

Click here the Deeper-dive event that was recorded after the above chat-show session.

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Interview with Sir Ken
  • Chapter 3 – Dan Haesler
  • Chapter 4 – Peter Hutton
  • Chapter 5 – Dr Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen & Luke Kerr
  • Chapter 6 – Joel Aarons & Juliette Bentley

It was a pleasure to put this tribute together to honour such a legend in the world of education and creativity.



Tribute to Sir Ken Robinson – Wednesday evening

The Inject Creativity Live event for this week will be dedicated as a tribute to the legacy of Sir Ken Robinson.


Peter Hutton (Convenor at Future Schools Alliance), Dan Haesler (well known Education Consultant), Clara Galan (Global Adobe Education team) and a number of other education leaders will be joining Erin and myself (Tim Kitchen) as we remember this great man.

Join us live at 6.30 PM (AEST) via any of the following social channels:

YouTube, Twitter/Periscope, LinkedIn & Facebook (closed group)

Then at 7 PM (AEST) we will be moving to the following BlueJeans room for the Deeper-dive event where you will get a chance to listen and share your memories.

We hope you can join us.