Meeting Sir Ken

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One of my hopes when I began working for Adobe was that one day I may get the opportunity to actually meet the guru of creativity in education, Sir Ken Robinson. Today it happened.

SirKen&TimLRIt was just by chance that I was heading out of the Rydges Hotel in Southbank Brisbane as Sir Ken was arriving. I recognised him immediately as his car pulled up and took the opportunity to welcome him to Australia and introduce myself. He introduced me to his son James who took the photo and asked me about my work. I was a bit (a lot) star struck and a bit (a lot) in awe.

I was on my way to run an all day workshop with a group of Queensland independent school teachers, so you can imagine what my opening story was about.

I have read (and re-read) two of Sir Ken’s books (‘Out of our Minds’ I often refer to as the teacher’s bible) and I often regularly reference his TED talks and the video series he did with Adobe on Creativity in Education. So to actually meet him face to face was a real thrill.

I’m looking forward to listening to Sir Ken do the Day 1 closing keynote address at the EduTECH conference tomorrow. On Day 2, I will be sharing the keynote stage with Dr Allen Partridge where we have been told we will potentially be addressing over 2000 delegates.

What a great start to what will be an amazing week!