ELH Conference 2014

It has been a pleasure to catch up with the ELH (Expanding Learning Horizons) regulars and the many new to this outstanding education conference experience organised so professionally by Computelec for so many years.



I recall my first ever experience talking to a large group of educators was at ELH 1999 when I was a primary teacher at Carey Baptist Grammar School and a self confessed guru with PowerPoint. How things have changed.

It is always great to hear from Dr Gary Stager (Seymour Papert disciple and internationally recognised ICT in Education guru).


Interesting quotes from Gary’s keyote

“When ideas come to school they seem to loose their power” Seymour Papert

Schools should be in the business of solving problems they don’t know are problems.

Making should permeate the entire school day.

It’s a powerful learning experience to make things, even more powerful to make things work

Computers have been in schools for 35 year, it’s time to take advantage of them

Programming is a really rich thing for kids to learn


The breakout sessions are always high quality at ELH. The contribution from Stephen Harris’ Norther Beaches Christian School team was outstanding.


Steve Collis (Northern Beaches Christian School, NSW ) ‘When Culture Tips’

Gala Dinner – Great Gatsby Theme