Creativity in Education on the agenda at ACEL & ACEC this week

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I had the pleasure of presenting at two national education conferences this week, the ACEL (Australian Council for Education Leaders) event in Melbourne and the ACEC (Australian Council for Computers in Education) event in Adelaide.

The above video was filmed just before my session at the ACEC event by Education Technology Solution magazine who were one of the sponsors.

One of the highlights of the ACEL event was hearing from Dr John Medina, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the author of the book Brain Rules.His insights into how to improve and develop the brains executive functioning was fascinating, especially the links to creativity, learning and the research into the importance of exercise.


Dr John Medina on stage at the ACEL Conference

The highlight for me at the ACEC event was catching up with so many passionate educators from around Australia and supporting the work of the state based ACCE affiliated teacher professional associations.


With some of my DLTV colleagues from Victoria.