Developing Creative Learners in K-12 Classrooms

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The following YouTube video is a webinar recently produced by a group of Australian Adobe Education Leaders displaying some of the creative work happening in their classrooms with their Adobe tools.

The webinar was hosted by the wonderful Pip Cleaves, a very highly regarded Australian educational consultant, from Design Learn Empower. It was part of the regular series of free live professional learning events offered via the Adobe Education Exchange.


Special thank you to the following Adobe Education Leaders for their contribution to this production:

Brett Kent and Shaloni Naik for presenting, and…

Beth O’Malley, PJ Bryans, Henrietta Miller, Grant Ward, Tim Creighton, Gary Poulton, and Megan Townes for their work samples and inspiration.

The first step these days to becoming an Adobe Education Leader is to apply to become an Adobe Campus Leader.

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