Corowa’s ANZAC Tribute

Every so often you get an email that really lifts your spirits.

Yesterday, I received this email from a teacher at Corowa High School.

Tim, I thought you might be interested in the following link containing a video that Corowa High School students created using the skills you taught them on your visit in 2014. Our local RSL requested students create a presentation for the ANZAC Day dawn service commemorations on the 25th April this year.

Despite heavy rain, over 1000 people attended to watch this film projected on the town’s cenotaph. Students taught themselves how to use Adobe Audition and combined it with the skills you taught us with Premiere CC.

Thank you again for your time, not only has it enhanced the skills of my students, but it has also started a digital media culture in our school that we are now extending into our community. A lot of students are now talking about what they can do with Adobe.


Phillip Le Lievre

Head Teacher Technology Corowa High School