Big Day In – Gold Coast

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The Big Day In roadshow hit the Gold Coast today at Griffith University with about 350 QLD and Northern NSW students and teachers finding out why they should develop their ICT & Multimedia skills to enhance their future job prospects.


It was great working with the team of XCERIO to help them promote Adobe Certification which, in Queensland, contributes credits towards the QCE (the Queensland Certificate of Education).


My main message on these events if for young people to develop a wide set of skills while they are at school and university and try and establish what their passions are. I show them examples of how young people are not waiting to leave formal study to start developing their passions into small businesses. I share with them the message of Professor Young Zhao who says that educators should be preparing young people to be global, creative and entrepreneurial.


I also show the audience some of the findings of the survey Adobe did last year with hiring managers to discover what skills they look for in the young people they hire out of school and university.

In summary, there is a growing expectation that job candidates will be tech-savy, digitally sophisticated and creative. Problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, innovation  and technical specialist skills are most in demand. Students should be developing a wide set of skills and focus on creativity to set themselves apart and stand out from the crowd.

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