Year 4s at Brookside


Adobe Voice & Adobe Premier Clip were the two apps a group of Year 4’s at Brookside College in Caroline Springs (Melbourne) worked with on Monday 31st August, 2015 during a special ‘Adobe Day’.

The morning was all about encouraging the students to think about what makes them happy. After some brief instructions and planing (Pre-Production) each student worked with a partner to build an Adobe Voice video outlining the top 5 things that make them happy.


Brainstorming about what makes the students happy.


Building the voice overs and images for each slide on Adobe Voice.

The afternoon was all about video editing with Adobe Premier Clip. The students were taught a process for producing a quality news story then worked in a group (Production Crew) to plan, script, film and edit their own news story relating to the school.


This production crew made a story about Adobe’s visit to their school.

Special thank you to Aaron Davis and the staff at Brookside College for organising this day of creativity.